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R&B Star Frank Ocean Isn’t Afraid to Ripple the Waters of Hip Hop With His Blog Bombshell

Maya Lekach - Muze Staff Writer The hip-hop community has turned into a surf gang as they scream for just one thing: more Ocean! No, not the ocean with waves, but Frank Ocean, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, who released his first full-length album Channel Orange in July after a number of successful EPs. Admittedly, the first I heard of Ocean was via Tumblr, and it was not of his music but of his bisexual ...

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Aussie Remix Master Pogo Mesmerizes With a Remix of Wizard of Oz

By Emery Duffy - Muze Staff Writer Pogo, the Aussie video, music, and magic maker creates yet another wonder that will grasp your attention, hold it, and hypnotize you in his Youtube video short: The Wizard of Meh. This creation lasts for one minute and thirty-seven seconds, leaving you wishing there was a little more to exhilarate your senses. The Wizard of Meh is simplistic, surprising, and delightful. Th ...

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Muzic Mashup #4 – Zamayra Centeno Guest DJ – Shweeeet!

Zamayra is a model and actress from South Florida. you can find on Twitter at: @ZamayraCenteno and on Facebook: Here she shares a bit of Punk, indie Punk, Classic Rock, 90's, and Pop. Enjoy! Creedence Clearwater Revival, Flogging Molly, Rancid, Justin Timberlake, REO Speedwagon, Lady Gaga, No Doubt, Garbage Open this page in a pop-up window so you can play your music ...

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Muzic Mashup #1 – Music for a Saturday Night (Streaming Playlist)

Muzic Mashup #1 - 7/21/2012 - Music for a Saturday Night! Enjoy!!!! Open this page in a pop-up window so you can play your music while browsing! [tabs style="2"] [tab title="Music Ninja"] Indie Rock, Indie Electro, Acoustic The Music Ninja by Blas Yaselli on Grooveshark [/tab] [tab title="Pigeons and Planes"] Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Rock Pigeons & Planes by Confusion on Grooveshark [/tab] [tab title="Ace Ventu ...

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