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Sweatshirts: How to Wear Them with Style

Chelsea-Lynn Schulz - Muze Staff Writer Sweatshirts are a staple in all of our closets. They are simple and easy. If you are cold, you throw on a sweatshirts. It is simple. They also seem to show a relationship status. If your girl friend/significant other is cold, you let her borrow one of your hoodies and probably won't get it back for weeks. They are comfortable. We all love them. But a problem with hood ...

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Fashion Gets Fishy – How Salmon Cove is Changing the Game

Muze Staff Writers - Chelsea-Lynn Schultz and Max Manasevit The coasts have long had a fashion stranglehold on America. With the rise of genital hugging skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses, and the "summer" scarf it seems that the time is right for a new American fashion center to emerge. Luckily, for a country yearning for someone, or something, to free it from the style monopoly of LA and New York, Chicag ...

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Pulling off the No-Tie Look: When, Where and How to do it Right

Chelsea-Lynn Schulz – Muze Staff Writer Most people assume that if a guy wants to look professional or "dressed-up", he has to wear a tie. This is far from the truth, especially since styles change. Men now are not wearing the same thing that their grandfathers and fathers wore in their generation. But that being said, there is still times that it is quite necessary to wear a tie. For example, if you are me ...

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7 Celebrities Whose Style We Like

By Katrice Herschell - Muze Staff Writer Hollywood's leading ladies are not the only ones with style to envy! With all the super stylish male celebrities out there choosing only 7 was a difficult task,  but we here at Muze managed to do it just for you! [SlideDeck2 id=6739]       Tags: andre 3000, brad pitt, celebrities, David Beckham, fashion, kanye west, men's style, mens clothes, pharrell ...

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Indochino – The Can-I-Really-Get-a-Custom-Suit-for-That Suit — and Much More

By Chelsea-Lynn Schulz Muze Staff Writer The worst part of picking out a suit is getting it tailored. When making a large purchase or buying an item that is going to be a staple in your closet for years to come, you need to make sure that it is a timeless piece that will look good on you for years to come. Indochino makes this decision easier by making all of their clothing items perfectly fitted to your bo ...

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Tom’s Shoes – Casual, Comfortable, Charitable, and Don’t Forget Stylish

By Chelsea-Lynn Schulz Muze Staff Writer I recieved my first pair of TOMS shoes on a trip to New York City. My uncle was working for a magazine that just received many pairs of TOMS shoes to be used in an advertisement. I tried on every pair of shoes that I could fit my feet in. I left that day with a pair of their black classic flats that I swear are the comfiest things you will ever place on your feet. He ...

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