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Would You Like to Rent Rihanna’s LA Mansion?

Feel like a unique and extravagant place to rent on your vacation to the LA area? How about Rihanna's LA mansion? On sale for a cool $15 million but rentable, if you have the proper amount of cash on hand. Situated behind a private and gated drive lies a triumph to modern architecture. Boasting apx 11,000 sq ft of luxury living, this estate features top-of-the-line gourmet chef's kitchen, grand entry and ex ...

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Eric Gea – Featured Photographer

[photoshow] Eric Gea is an L.A. based photographer. Eric has been shooting for a little less than 10 years and working with photoshop for over 13 years. Eric was an artist as a teeanger and took some time away from the arts for about 10 years. It wasn't til chance that he became a photographer while working at a well known restaurant chain. From there he trained himself and has continued to grow and expand ...

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Electric City [Hollywood Nights] – SHOWCASE

[photoshow width="960" height="600"] Photographed by: Michael Dykstra Models: Andrea Balov, Lana Elyse, Landon Maby Fashion Stylists: Alexis Scott, Landon Maby Hair and Make-up: Sayuri Mitsumori [divide] DOWNLOAD THIS SHOWCASE EDITORIAL AS A MULTI-PAGE PDF - Electric-Street-PDF ...

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Hadeel Sittu – The Dark Haired Natural Beauty Finds Her Way in LA

[photoshow] Photography and Interview by Melissa Bring Wardrobe Stylist: Raming Medina Make Up: Tami Haviland Hair Stylist: Rosa Gil Photo Assistant: Kyle Bring I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the lovely Hadeel Sittu for Muze Magazine. Not only did we have a great time on set, I feel we really captured her sexy outgoing personality. A few weeks following the shoot, I sat down with Hadeel and sh ...

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Lina O’Connor – An Amazing Model From California With a World of Experience

[photoshow] Interview by Thomas Brightman Lina, you got swept up in the world of modeling and traveling and shooting internationally as a teenager. How did all that start? Was it a bit of a whirlwind of an experience? I always knew I wanted to leave San Luis Obispo (where I grew up in California) and see the world. On a trip to New York the famous architect, Carlos Almada discovered me, and through his conn ...

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Niki Ghazian – The Model and Athlete Tells Us About Her Journey From Glamour to Attorney At Law

By Thomas Brightman - Muze Staff Writer Photographed by Raquel Rischard Niki, your shoot here with Raquel Rischard out in LA is gorgeous! What was the inspiration for this shoot and had you worked with Raquel before? I had not worked with Raquel prior to this shoot, but we had met before, several times. We both live in Los Angeles and were familiar with eachothers' work. I really love Raquel's work, and I g ...

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Anastasiya Sazhina – Russian Model and Actress With A Passion for this Business

Anastasiya is a Maxim Hometown Hotties final 100 semi-finalist and she needs your support! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER HERE: Anastasiya it's a pleasure to feature your photos here and get to know more about you! Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share a little something about myself with you guys: ...

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