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Jasmine in Hollywood

[photoshow width="960" height="600"] Jasmine in Hollywood. An editorial which appeared in our premiere issue - ISSUE 1. Featuring Jasmine Waltz Photographed by Michael Dykstra | Michael's Website | Michael's Facebook Page Online Access to Issue 1 and Issue 2 [box bg="#dddddd" font="verdana"]Image Gallery[/box] [gallery] [box bg="#dddddd" font="verdana"]You Might Also Like[/box] [SlideDeck2 id=6220] Tags: Ja ...

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Postcards From Serenity

[photoshow width="930" height="600"] Serenity Risvik stars in this virtual tour of the world, Muze style. Postcards From Serenity - A Showcase Editorial Photographed by Michael Dykstra Model - Serenity Risvik Hair and Make-up - Leslie Rodriguez [gallery] Tags: Michael Dykstra, Serenity Risvik, Hollywood, Lingerie, New York City, Bangkok, St Petersburg, Paris ...

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Abigail Ratchford Hits The Road

[photoshow] Photographed by Kevin Mosmen Interview by Michael Dykstra So how does someone get started modeling in Scranton, Pennsylvania? Well you cant really get in modeling in Scranton, PA, cute little town but not great for modeling. Lots of girls here get pics done by local photographers or will be in local newspapers for "model of the week" or something but that's as far as our resources here as far as ...

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Electric City [Hollywood Nights] – SHOWCASE

[photoshow width="960" height="600"] Photographed by: Michael Dykstra Models: Andrea Balov, Lana Elyse, Landon Maby Fashion Stylists: Alexis Scott, Landon Maby Hair and Make-up: Sayuri Mitsumori [divide] DOWNLOAD THIS SHOWCASE EDITORIAL AS A MULTI-PAGE PDF - Electric-Street-PDF ...

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Hadeel Sittu – The Dark Haired Natural Beauty Finds Her Way in LA

[photoshow] Photography and Interview by Melissa Bring Wardrobe Stylist: Raming Medina Make Up: Tami Haviland Hair Stylist: Rosa Gil Photo Assistant: Kyle Bring I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the lovely Hadeel Sittu for Muze Magazine. Not only did we have a great time on set, I feel we really captured her sexy outgoing personality. A few weeks following the shoot, I sat down with Hadeel and sh ...

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Jinny Lee Story – Jack of All Trades

[photoshow] Photographed by Melissa Bring Hair & Make Up: Tami Haviland Jinny is a punk rock drummer and an actress. She has toured the world with her band and has walked the red carpet in Los Angeles and New Zealand for her work. She loves the rock and roll lifestyle, but also maintains a day job in production and design. Outside of that she is fundraising to start a pie shop, learning foreign languages, p ...

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Lina O’Connor – An Amazing Model From California With a World of Experience

[photoshow] Interview by Thomas Brightman Lina, you got swept up in the world of modeling and traveling and shooting internationally as a teenager. How did all that start? Was it a bit of a whirlwind of an experience? I always knew I wanted to leave San Luis Obispo (where I grew up in California) and see the world. On a trip to New York the famous architect, Carlos Almada discovered me, and through his conn ...

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Kelsey Crane Exposes Herself – What’s Quenching Her Creative Thirst?

[photoshow] Interview by - Royce Johnson Photographed by Melissa Bring Make up by Tami Haviland Styling by Mandy Jill Graduating from USC with honors, San Francisco native Kelsey Crane decided to set up shop in LA and follow her dreams of acting. She's made her mark with film roles and guest spots on shows like Dexter and How I Met Your Mother, but this being LA, had to work her fair share of bartending and ...

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Summer Crosley – LA Model and Actress Takes to the Backyard for an “At Her Place” Editorial for Muze

[photoshow] Accomplished 28-year-old Model and Actress Summer Crosley is most known for her role on HBO’s hit TV series Californication. Summer has graced the pages of countless fashion publications including GQ, Vogue, Elle, and so many more. When she is not traveling the World of Fashion, she devotes her life to make a difference in the world by supporting environmentally friendly causes such as Ocean lif ...

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