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MINISTRY OF SUPPLY – Performance and Design Meet Fashion

You may have come to expect the best out of everything you own. You are no stranger to performance clothing, you see the technological benefits every day in the gym, on the trail...wherever you sweat. But why does that performance stop the moment you change for work, a day in the city, or a night on the town? Ministry of Supply, a start up business wear company, thinks it's time we stop choosing between per ...

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Sweatshirts are a staple in all of our closets. They are simple and easy. If you are cold, you throw on a sweatshirts. It is simple. They also seem to show a relationship status. If your girl friend/significant other is cold, you let her borrow one of your hoodies and probably won't get it back for weeks. They are comfortable. We all love them. But a problem with hoodies arises when realizing how completely ...

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By Katrice Herschell - Muze Staff Writer Hollywood's leading ladies are not the only ones with style to envy! With all the super stylish male celebrities out there choosing only 7 was a difficult task,  but we here at Muze managed to do it just for you! [SlideDeck2 id=6739]       Tags: andre 3000, brad pitt, celebrities, David Beckham, fashion, kanye west, men's style, mens clothes, pharrell ...

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Eric Gea – Featured Photographer

[photoshow] Eric Gea is an L.A. based photographer. Eric has been shooting for a little less than 10 years and working with photoshop for over 13 years. Eric was an artist as a teeanger and took some time away from the arts for about 10 years. It wasn't til chance that he became a photographer while working at a well known restaurant chain. From there he trained himself and has continued to grow and expand ...

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David LaChapelle: Consuming an Artist in the 21st Century

Maya Lekach - Muze Staff Writer The 21st century has been having some problems with art. No one seems to know what it is. All except, perhaps, one man, David LaChapelle. No, he’s not the black comedian with the excellent Rick James impression, but instead what some might call the artist of the millennium. But why is it that you will find him in no art history books? [caption id="attachment_10475" align="ali ...

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Featured Creative Team – Cube Projects From Bogota, Colombia Takes to Water

[photoshow] By Michael Dykstra - Muze Editor From time to time we love to feature creative and eye catching work from photographers and creative teams from around the world. We'd like to introduce you to the colorful and compelling photography of a team called Cube Projects, from Bogota, Colombia, led by Jenny Puentes, Director at Cube. Take in the photos then watch the time lapse video which documents the ...

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Fashion Gets Fishy – How Salmon Cove is Changing the Game

Muze Staff Writers - Chelsea-Lynn Schultz and Max Manasevit The coasts have long had a fashion stranglehold on America. With the rise of genital hugging skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses, and the "summer" scarf it seems that the time is right for a new American fashion center to emerge. Luckily, for a country yearning for someone, or something, to free it from the style monopoly of LA and New York, Chicag ...

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Christie Gabriel – Self Made Model With a Story to Tell

Christie thanks much for the opportunity to share your work and something about yourself and your career with our readers! Let's start with where you grew up and where you are living now. At least your home base. How does it suit your lifestyle? I grew up in a small suburb of Chicago called Carpentersville. While not the worst place to be raised, I knew I was going to break out of there as soon as was possi ...

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Alexandra Yun – A Beautiful Russian Model in Med School With Time to Create Art

[photoshow] Alexandra, so very happy we can feature you in Muze Magazine. Where did you grow up and where are you living and working now? Alexandra Yun is my name and my model name is Saju or better known as Saju90. If you google me saju90 you got more results. I was Born and grow up in Belarus, and am currently a 5th year medical student here in Belarus. Do you get to travel quite a bit for your modeling c ...

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