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Max Zorn – Street Artist From Amsterdam Creates His Art Using Brown Shipping Tape and an X-Acto Knife

By Kaylan Haddican – Muze Staff Writer Max Zorn is a street artist from Amsterdam. Unlike artists that use oil and canvas, Zorn uses brown packing tape for his work. Layers and layers of tape are used to create outstanding portraits of romantic, as well as strong, characters, ranging from The Beatles to male boxers. Zorn started pinning his art to street lamps around Amsterdam on May 19, 2011, where they we ...

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Lady Gaga Shows Off Her New Tattoo on New York City Street

Lady Gaga showed off her new mermaid tattoo in this photo form her web site. She tweeted about the photo which shows her holding up her T-shirt and showing off her new anchor tattoo on her left rib cage. Her tweet read "New Tat. Stamp of His Mermaid," which seems to mean she is talking about boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Or maybe she's just referring to her "Yoü and I" music video. Or this cover. In any case it' ...

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R&B Star Frank Ocean Isn’t Afraid to Ripple the Waters of Hip Hop With His Blog Bombshell

Maya Lekach - Muze Staff Writer The hip-hop community has turned into a surf gang as they scream for just one thing: more Ocean! No, not the ocean with waves, but Frank Ocean, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, who released his first full-length album Channel Orange in July after a number of successful EPs. Admittedly, the first I heard of Ocean was via Tumblr, and it was not of his music but of his bisexual ...

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The Museum of Sex in New York City – Sex Museum Style

By Kaylan Haddican – Muze Staff Writer One of the most surprising things about the Museum of Sex in New York City, besides the $17 entrance fee, is the fact that it exists at all. The Museum, located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, has been in business since October 2002. Founded by Daniel Gluck, the mission of the museum is "to preserve, and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human ...

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Aussie Remix Master Pogo Mesmerizes With a Remix of Wizard of Oz

By Emery Duffy - Muze Staff Writer Pogo, the Aussie video, music, and magic maker creates yet another wonder that will grasp your attention, hold it, and hypnotize you in his Youtube video short: The Wizard of Meh. This creation lasts for one minute and thirty-seven seconds, leaving you wishing there was a little more to exhilarate your senses. The Wizard of Meh is simplistic, surprising, and delightful. Th ...

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Our Top 10 Most Entertaining Women of Primetime Television

By Amelia Wedemeyer - Muze Staff Writer As much as it pains us that summer is almost over, we do have a few things we're looking forward to this fall. Brisk autumn days, the return of Monday Night Football and the start of a new primetime television season. Who doesn't enjoy plopping down on the couch, cracking open a beer and devoting themselves to an hour or so of (mindless) entertainment, especially with ...

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Charlie Todd: The Shared Experience of Absurdity

By Kaylan Haddican - Muze Staff Writer Charlie Todd is the founder of Improv Everywhere, a New York City-based prank group that causes scenes in public places, bringing joy and laughter to those standing by. Todd started the group in November 2001, and they have been performing and conducting what he calls "missions" for over ten years. Todd also performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and has writ ...

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The Metamorphosis: Snooping on the Transition From a Dogg to a Lion

Maya Lekach - Muze Staff Writer One of the biggest shockers of the year came in February in the form of an announcement from the beloved Snoop Dogg when he announced he was changing his name from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion and would be releasing a reggae album. While this kind of statement might still have the possibility to shock from a less genre-defining artist, like Gucci Mane or Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg mana ...

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Do you Badoo? A Dating Social Network With A Serious Mobile App

By Jonathan Maple - Muze Staff Writer The problem is this. When using Facebook, you are generally surrounded by people you already know. Many of these “friends” are people you went to high school or college with, or lived next to 17 years ago.  Google + has a similar tendency but without the people.  So how do you find people you don’t know that live in your area? The answer is Badoo. The site is billed as ...

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