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The top 10 reasons why people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have it wrong when they emphasize individualism and self reliance over values like community, cooperation, and collaboration

By Michael Dykstra and Forrest Miller [SlideDeck2 id=7307]     Tags: politics, conservative, liberal, presidential election, campaign, mitt romney, paul ryan, conservative ideology, individualism, self reliance, democrats, republicans, american politics, 2012 election, american debate, moon landing, world war II, WWII, WW2, small pox vaccination, neil armstrong, neal armstrong, US constitution, in ...

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Ayn Rand – Who She Was and Why She’s Significant in 2012

Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer Who is Ayn Rand, and how has a Russian born woman, with a German sounding name, who has been dead for thirty years become the most influential thinker in American political discourse? Her detractors call her Objectivist philosophy hedonistic as it singularly extolls the virtue of rational self-interest (every person acting in their own best interest, is what is best for soc ...

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Charlie Todd: The Shared Experience of Absurdity

By Kaylan Haddican - Muze Staff Writer Charlie Todd is the founder of Improv Everywhere, a New York City-based prank group that causes scenes in public places, bringing joy and laughter to those standing by. Todd started the group in November 2001, and they have been performing and conducting what he calls "missions" for over ten years. Todd also performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and has writ ...

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