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Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen creates incredible installations from the demolition found in abandoned houses. Using architectural debris from a building’s rooms, she transforms the spaces into spectacular sculptural works by meticulously layering the collected fragments into aesthetically-pleasing arrangements. The series, titled Destroyed Houses, highlights Teeuwen’s ability to turn destruction and neglect i ...

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[photoshow] For your walls: these incredible pieces of comic book pop art by celebrated modern artist Dan Monteavaro. Pick one (or all) of your favorite images from his playful yet thought-provoking collection. Originally born and raised in New York City, Dan Monteavaro has lived and worked in London, Italy, Korea and Los Angeles. Through all these transitions, modern media and the world of urban art have e ...

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David LaChapelle: Consuming an Artist in the 21st Century

Maya Lekach - Muze Staff Writer The 21st century has been having some problems with art. No one seems to know what it is. All except, perhaps, one man, David LaChapelle. No, he’s not the black comedian with the excellent Rick James impression, but instead what some might call the artist of the millennium. But why is it that you will find him in no art history books? [caption id="attachment_10475" align="ali ...

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Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film

By Nicky Tait - Muze Staff Writer This quirky documentary delves into the budding world of street art, and explores what it takes to be an artist in a playing field without rules. French immigrant and aspiring LA filmmaker, Thierry Guetta can’t go a day without recording his every waking moment. On a trip to France, Guetta discovers his cousin is internationally acclaimed street artist Invader, lending new ...

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Robots, Cars, and Art – What Chevy and Jeff Sotto Gave the World

Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer For years the patronage system delivered some of the best art the world has ever seen. The Catholic Church gave us Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The patronage granted by the Medici family enabled two other art masters/ ninja turtles Leonardo da Vinci and and Donatello. Over time modern ideas about money corrupting art combined with the increased purchasing power of the the ...

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Max Zorn – Street Artist From Amsterdam Creates His Art Using Brown Shipping Tape and an X-Acto Knife

By Kaylan Haddican – Muze Staff Writer Max Zorn is a street artist from Amsterdam. Unlike artists that use oil and canvas, Zorn uses brown packing tape for his work. Layers and layers of tape are used to create outstanding portraits of romantic, as well as strong, characters, ranging from The Beatles to male boxers. Zorn started pinning his art to street lamps around Amsterdam on May 19, 2011, where they we ...

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Fernando De La Rocque – The Controversial Artist Uses Marijuana Smoke to “Paint”

[photoshow] Gabe Kahan - Muze Staff Writer Fernando de La Rocque is an artist from Brazil who uses smoke from Marijuana to paint! His most recent series, cleverly titled "Blow Job," has portrayals of religious and political icons. All of his inventive projects stretch the definition of art, but this one seems to call attention to itself via the use of, well, weed! The process is done by Rocque blowing the p ...

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Nina Boesch Uses Recycled MetroCards to Create Compelling and Unique Works of Art

[photoshow] Tuesday Wustrack - Muze Staff Writer New York City is a place people all around the world dream of visiting. The bright lights of Time Square, the yellow taxi cabs aggressively honking their horns and high-rise buildings surround city-dwellers and tourists as they stroll the busy streets. This hustle and bustle of city life is what draws people from all around the world. One of those people is N ...

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Shepard Fairey Is Here, Critics Be Damned

By Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer To say the Shepard Fairey revolution has just begun is silly, he has been fighting and arguably winning for years. He has been a strong artistic force since at least 2008 when he designed Barack Obama's iconic Hope poster. Fairey's imposing cultural presence combined with his unique style has made him difficult to define. Some believe him to be the most important artisti ...

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