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Three New Fall Shows You Might Want to Check Out This Fall TV Season – 666 Park Avenue – Go On – Elementary

We know you have enough trouble keeping up with your favorite T.V. shows as it is. But fall 2012 is bringing a lot of new shows from comedy to thriller that you can’t miss. Here are three new shows that you’ll want to make room for on your DVR. 1. 666 Park Avenue - If you like Lost, and American Horror Story you might enjoy, 666 Park Avenue on Sunday, September 30th, 10 pm/9c. ABC. Yes, we know we’re still ...

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Our Top 10 Most Entertaining Women of Primetime Television

By Amelia Wedemeyer - Muze Staff Writer As much as it pains us that summer is almost over, we do have a few things we're looking forward to this fall. Brisk autumn days, the return of Monday Night Football and the start of a new primetime television season. Who doesn't enjoy plopping down on the couch, cracking open a beer and devoting themselves to an hour or so of (mindless) entertainment, especially with ...

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Where is He Now? – Child Star Frankie Muniz from Malcom in the Middle Takes to the Drums

By Kristen Deadwyler- Muze Staff Writer Francisco “Frankie” Muniz IV, born in December of 1985, was best known for his role as “Malcolm” in “Malcolm in the Middle.” First discovered at the tender age of 8 at a talent show in North Carolina, Frankie made his film debut in a TV movie “To Dance With Olivia” in 1997. After landing a small role in “Lost and Found” in 1999, Frankie landed the title character on M ...

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Five Actresses We See as Part of The Next Generation of Movie Stars

By Kristen Deadwyler - Muze Staff Writer Every generation produces a slew of young talent set out to be household names. 2012 is no different, and has turned out to be the year for the actress, with such female starred blockbusters like Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman. Here is a list of the top 5 female stars who’s breakthrough performance, and memorable roles, have all of Hollywood keeping an ...

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Our 8 Favorite Animated Guys From Movies and TV

Let's be honest, we all love animated characters. Maybe we can relate to them, or wish we were more like them, but more than likely watching their troubles and misfortunes make us feel better about our own  lives. No matter the reason, we love them. So, here is Muze's top 8 animated characters of all time. [tabs style="2"] [tab title="#8 Genie from Aladdin"]Genie grants your every wish and has unlimited sha ...

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E! Online Identifies 10 Fun Things to Watch for in Olympic Opening Cermonies

By by Alexis L. Loinaz on E!Online 1. Prepare to Have a Cow—Literally! The opening ceremony, titled "Isles of Wonder," reportedly cost $42 million and is inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest. Boyle plans to turn the Olympic Stadium into a "green and pleasant land" complete with—as of the last count— 70 sheep, 12 horses, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, nine geese, three cows, three sheepdogs. Talk about animal magne ...

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Adam Richman’s Perfect PB and J – Travel Channel

By Dan Bergstein on Maxim Food enthusiast Adam Richman is traveling across america looking for the perfect sandwich on the Travel Channel's aptly named Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America. But for those stuck at home with just peanut butter and bread, you can still make something amazing. Richman walks us through perfection. Step One: The Golden Ratio ADAM RICHMAN: My PB and J recipe varies. It depends ...

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