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The Muze Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

What could be better than a list of the sexiest music videos of all time, starring some of your favorite musical artists known for turning the temperature up when in front of the camera. Click on the link and your video will pop up. Enjoy! The Muze Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time 10. Beyonce - Naughty Girl 9. Kylie Minogue - Slow 8. Madonna - Justify My Love 7. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around C ...

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Olympic Divers Plunge Towards the Gold

As we reflect on the amazing athleticism and courage demonstrated in 2012 Summer Olympics, I’d like to take a special moment for the Men’s 10m-Platform Dive. This year competitors displayed acrobatic excellence, exceptional coordination, and remarkable grace as they took the plunge for their country. David Boudia brought his game face to the pool and secured the gold medal for team USA. As one YouTube fan p ...

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Five Guys Take Same Picture for 30 Years

When five teenagers sat down and posed for a picture at Copco Lake in 1982, they didn't plan on making it a tradition. But that's what it became. Every five years (starting in 1982) for the past three decades, John Wardlaw, John Dickson, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney and John Molony have been meeting at the California lake and taking the same photo. See them age through the years.     [SlideDeck2 id=6 ...

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Tupac Shakur vs Notorious B.I.G. – The Rivalry Explained

The Factuary: East Coast-based rapper The Notorious B.I.G. and West Coast-based rapper Tupac Shakur were the primary stakeholders in the East Coast- West Coast rivalry that went down in the 1990s. This feud involved all fans and artists emerged in the hip-hop culture and music scene. In this episode of The Factuary - Guy Branum explains precisely why Biggie and Tupac both got shot. Suge Knight what?! Watch ...

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MIA – Why She Is Always Pissed-Off?

The Factuary: We all know who M.I.A. is, she's that lady rapper who dragged nine months of pregnancy stomach on to the Grammys stage. You may also know that she likes to get all political about the Sri Lankan Civil war. In this episode of The Factuary - host and comedian, Guy Branum, will explain the Sri Lankan civil war and let you know exactly what M.I.A. is so pissed off about. "The Factuary" Created/Wri ...

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Nick Offerman’s Proud List of the 25 Most American Things You Can Do on the 4th of July (GQ)

By Nick Offerman on GQ 1. Shoot your own dinner entrées. 2. Drink American beer while it's fresh. 3. Carry a sidearm into church. 4. Shave your pubes into an American eagle. 5. Place a beef-jerky bouquet on John Wayne's grave. 6. Drive an appropriately sized truck. 7. Read the national edition of USA Today. 8. Make a healthy living simply playing the children's game of soccer. 9. Visit the historical home o ...

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