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Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film

By Nicky Tait - Muze Staff Writer This quirky documentary delves into the budding world of street art, and explores what it takes to be an artist in a playing field without rules. French immigrant and aspiring LA filmmaker, Thierry Guetta can’t go a day without recording his every waking moment. On a trip to France, Guetta discovers his cousin is internationally acclaimed street artist Invader, lending new ...

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Twelve Things You Can Toast Today

It's always good to have an offhand list of cheers-worthy items. Just for you celebratory types, here's twelve things you can toast today: [SlideDeck2 id=6934]       You might also like: [SlideDeck2 id=6854]   Tags: toast, toasting, cheers, beers, spooning, skinny dipping, french kissing, live music, helicopters, sleeping in, party, Aloha Friday, drinks, amuzement, sandwiches ...

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Olympic Divers Plunge Towards the Gold

As we reflect on the amazing athleticism and courage demonstrated in 2012 Summer Olympics, I’d like to take a special moment for the Men’s 10m-Platform Dive. This year competitors displayed acrobatic excellence, exceptional coordination, and remarkable grace as they took the plunge for their country. David Boudia brought his game face to the pool and secured the gold medal for team USA. As one YouTube fan p ...

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Azealia Banks Blows Up… A Pink Condom and Gets Banned in Seven Countries

British fashion magazine Dazed and Confused is turning heads and pushing buttons with their controversial September cover. The opening line “Azealia Banks gets reactions,” couldn’t hold truer in light of the featured rap artist toting a bright pink condom as if it were a Cuban cigar. The image was finally released in a tweet from the magazine saying, “So ‪@AZEALIABANKS is our Sept cover star! Want to see wh ...

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