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Fashion Gets Fishy – How Salmon Cove is Changing the Game

Muze Staff Writers - Chelsea-Lynn Schultz and Max Manasevit The coasts have long had a fashion stranglehold on America. With the rise of genital hugging skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses, and the "summer" scarf it seems that the time is right for a new American fashion center to emerge. Luckily, for a country yearning for someone, or something, to free it from the style monopoly of LA and New York, Chicag ...

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Robots, Cars, and Art – What Chevy and Jeff Sotto Gave the World

Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer For years the patronage system delivered some of the best art the world has ever seen. The Catholic Church gave us Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The patronage granted by the Medici family enabled two other art masters/ ninja turtles Leonardo da Vinci and and Donatello. Over time modern ideas about money corrupting art combined with the increased purchasing power of the the ...

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Ayn Rand – Who She Was and Why She’s Significant in 2012

Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer Who is Ayn Rand, and how has a Russian born woman, with a German sounding name, who has been dead for thirty years become the most influential thinker in American political discourse? Her detractors call her Objectivist philosophy hedonistic as it singularly extolls the virtue of rational self-interest (every person acting in their own best interest, is what is best for soc ...

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5 Tasty, Classic Cocktails – For Guys!

Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer We here at Muze Magazine prefer dirty martinis and whiskey neat. We realize however, that not everyone drinks like James Bond or appreciates the burning glory of straight amber liquids. In honor of the man who is not a seasoned drinker, but wishes his pallet was more sophisticated than light beer and things mixed with cola. For all of you soberish gentleman who want a cockt ...

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Shepard Fairey Is Here, Critics Be Damned

By Max Manasevit - Muze Staff Writer To say the Shepard Fairey revolution has just begun is silly, he has been fighting and arguably winning for years. He has been a strong artistic force since at least 2008 when he designed Barack Obama's iconic Hope poster. Fairey's imposing cultural presence combined with his unique style has made him difficult to define. Some believe him to be the most important artisti ...

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