Our awesome Muze Top Ten Sexiest Music Videos of all time, Volume 1. Why volume 1? Well, because there will be a volume 2, and 3 and so on. Don’t ask silly questions! Just enjoy!

10 – Justify My Love – Madonna
Our list would not be complete without something from Madonna. Justify My Love, released in 1990 was the first VHS video single released by any musical artist. It was too hot for TV at the time however and MTV banned it, which of course made created even more demand for the video release. Madonna at her controversial best.


9 – In The Closet – Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell
In sepia tones, directed by Herb Ritts, Michael Jackson dances with a stunning Naomi Campbell. The video was filmed in late March 1992 in Salton Sea, California and premiered on April 23, 1992. The only reason it makes out list is we could not take our eyes of Naomi! Enjoy!


8 – Wicked Game -Chris Isaac
The brooding and sexy classic. On several all time sexiest best music video lists including #13 on VH1′s 100 Greatest Videos, and was also ranked #4 on VH1′s 50 Sexiest Video Moments. Rolling Stone named it #73 on their “100 Top Music Videos.” It’s our number 8, sexiest music video!


7 – Nicole Scherzinger – Whatever U Like ft. T.I.
From her provocative lyrics to her skimpy outfits, Nicole gets things steamy under the spotlights in this video. A captive Nicole not only moves to the music, but gets wet and dirty too. We’re not sure what that dance at the very end was, but she’s gorgeous doing it.


6 – Bruno Mars – Gorilla
The song rocks (although the lyrics are a bit silly), the cinematography gorgeous and the actresses and dancers stunning! Plus Freida Pinto stars as the dancer, although she does have a stand in for the dance scenes. It’s a definite yes for our top 10.


5 – Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (uncensored)
Yeah Robin Thicke is an asshole but this video makes our list for the…. well the models. Need we say more?

Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” [Dirty] from Crosby Carter Management on Vimeo.


4 – Christina Aguilera featuring Redman – Dirrty
Christina had to make the list! Dirrty, from 2002, is a classic and there’s no denying Aguilera’s sex appeal and energy, not to mention all the other attractive scantily clad dancers.


3 – Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
A classic from Kylie Minogue, who has a ton of sexy videos under her belt. We could have had a list of only the top 10 Kylie videos. “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” proves that breathy vocals, a hot baseline, and great dancing can create a super sexy music video even without all the skin.

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head from Sonny London on Vimeo.


2 – Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision
A great Justin Timberlake song plus beautiful models without any clothes dancing in a giant studio with all kinds of cool projection lighting effects. It had to make the list!


1 – Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna
Barbados and Colombia’s hottest stars join forces for this sizzling duet. Shakira, teams up with Rihanna for this saucy track about an addictive love affair. The star power alone, together, in the same video! Definitely top 10!