Crash & Learn – Aleksander Aurdal and his high flying skiing

Aleksander Aurdal grew up crashing in just about every possible way before he settled with the sport of free skiing. The level of free skiing has really progressed the last few years and consequently increased the risk of getting hurt when learning new and dangerous tricks. Aleksander now uses his previous crash experience to avoid getting hurt in this fast progressing sport.

From: Antmedia
Director: Niels Windfeldt
TV-spot ad agency/idea: Bjørnar Buxrud and Torkild Jarnholt (TRY)
Producer: Andreas Braaten
Sound design: Trond G. Hansen
Camera: Andreas Johannessen, Anders Håheim
Drone pilot: Daniell Ashby
Graphic design: Dennis Magnus-Andresen
Catering: Stine Marie Borgen
Stockfootage: Field Productions
Music: J Sigsworth
Color consultant: Julien Alary
Location manager: Filip Christensen, Field Productions

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