Dude, don’t be scared. It’s only your first venture to buy your lady some lingerie at Victoria’s Secret and there’s no need to freak out. The last thing you want to be is that creepy guy in the corner, picking up panties and trying to size it up to the woman next to you because she’s about her size. 

Here’s your survival guide.. or shall we say little black book of tips to get you through this trip, and many more.

#1 Pre-plan. Make sure you know her size. Cup size A, B, C, D or DD… Panties are the obvious small, medium, large or x-large. DON’T GET THE WRONG SIZE. Enough said.

#2 Be confident. If you’re uncomfortable, everyone else around you is uncomfortable and THAT’s when you become the elephant in the room.

#3 Ask one of the sales associates to help you. You can even say you’re a little bit scared… they will think it’s cute :)

Once you have those steps out of the way, it’s down to business: What to get her. This obviously depends on her personality or the occasion you’re buying. I always think something classy like a black lacy bra and matching panties and a sheer black camisole can’t go anywhere wrong (a camisole is like a tank top, some are long, some are short, some open in the front/back etc). One thing you should know, if you get a bra with any kind of embellishment, she won’t be able to wear it for every day use, as it will show through clothing – but I’m assuming that isn’t your main concern. A corset (the tight fitting top with the thingy’s that lace up the sides) is another grand option that looks great on almost anyone. Skip the “underwear” with little pictures of hearts.. flowers or whatever else they decided to print on them. Just remember, she’s a woman, and you respect and cherish her. What you buy her should reflect that.

Oh, and don’t forget step #4 Take off the price tags before you give it to her. Oh yes and don’t waste your money on the body sprays that tempt you at the check out line. All of us girls have a drawer full of those used as room sprays when the “room spray” runs out.



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