Sweatshirts are a staple in all of our closets. They are simple and easy. If you are cold, you throw on a sweatshirts. It is simple. They also seem to show a relationship status. If your girl friend/significant other is cold, you let her borrow one of your hoodies and probably won’t get it back for weeks. They are comfortable. We all love them.

But a problem with hoodies arises when realizing how completely casual they are. There is nothing formal about wearing a sweatshirts. It practically screams, “Hey, I was cold and didn’t want to change my whole outfit to accommodate my temperature!”  In the right situations and being worn by a fashion conscious guy, sweatshirts that still prove that you have a sense to style without being too high maintenance.

There are two distinct types of sweatshirts; you have your basic sweatshirts and your hoodies. Basic sweatshirts are less casual than hoodies simply because they have the similar style or look to them that knit sweaters. They mimic the formal style of a knit sweater when layering, but dress it down by their casual nature. They are considered casual because most have prints, logos or sayings on them. If you want a purely casual look, go for sweatshirts that have prints on them. If you want more of a formal style for your look, pick a more basic style.
When wearing basic sweatshirts, wear them like you would wear a knit sweater (the only difference is the type of fabric!). Put it on over a collared, button up shirt, or roll up the sleeves and add a scarf. Try something different like wearing a basic sweatshirt with bright colored jeans. You will look fashionable, but relaxed and comfortable. Overall, the best way to take this casual item and make it more fashionable is by pairing it with another item that distracts from its informality.

The key to wearing all sweatshirts right is to make sure that the rest of your outfit is somewhat more formal than the sweatshirt that you are wearing. For example, you don’t want to wear a hoodie with ripped jeans. Wearing a hoodie with casual clothes makes you look like you don’t care about what your style.

That leads us right into the next item: hoodies. Hoodies are so basic; everyone has at least one in their closet. That being said, when you wear them, you tend to blend in with the crowd. Therefore, you need to do something unexpected! Pair a tight fitted hoodie with a shirt and tie or layer it with a collared shirt and a scarf.

The best advice you can be given about wearing sweatshirts is to stand out of the crowd. Wear a shirt and tie under it or wear it with a pair of bright colored jeans. Add sweatshirts to your wardrobe as items of clothing that are to be worn in layers. Never just throw it on over a basic tshirt and ripped jeans! Keep your semi-formal style, but add a little comfort to it with a great sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts pictured in this article can be found at H&M stores. Top image sweatshirts are designed by Yiwu Wanyuan Import & Export Co.

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