Outlander 2014

“Outlander” is being touted as the feminist response to shows like “Game of Thrones,” and for good reason. Its author, Diana Gabaldon, wrote a strong, capable heroine in Claire Randall because, in her own words, she isn’t a fan of “stupid women.”

During a group interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Gabaldon and “Outlander” showrunner Ron Moore explain why Claire is the biggest draw of the series. “I don’t like stupid women, so why would I write about one?” Gabaldon says.

Moore, who previously developed “Battlestar Galactica” and “Helix,” delves into the historical romance genre with “Outlander.” Though fans might think that’s a bit of a leap for him, he says Claire was the character who immediately grabbed him when his wife, Terry Dresbach, suggested he read Gabaldon’s novels.


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