Most people assume that if a guy wants to look professional or “dressed-up”, he has to wear a tie. This is far from the truth, especially since styles change. Men now are not wearing the same thing that their grandfathers and fathers wore in their generation. But that being said, there is still times that it is quite necessary to wear a tie. For example, if you are meeting board members for a possible promotion, you should be wearing a tie, no matter if you want to or not.

Other times though, it is perfectly acceptable to not wear a tie when you are at work, at a dinner party, out with the guys, out on a fancy date, at a wedding, and many other occasions!

Skimming though Menswear lines for Spring 2013, I was immediately drawn to clothing designed by Berluti, AMI and Brioni. These men’s lines are are very fashionable, but with a classic taste that will never go out of style. But not everyone can buy clothing from these high-end designers. For this reason, there are links to how to get these looks for a more economical budget.

No Tie – Work Look
When a man walks into a work environment with a tie, it shows everyone that he is in charge and is professional. Normally, wearing a tie everyday to work may make you look uptight and strict, plus it can be tiring and constricting! Either way, you do not have to wear a tie to look professional. Check out these outfits from Berluti:
You can achieve these looks by having a nicely fitted suit. [Need help finding a nice suit? Check out our Indochino article!] When you are not wearing a tie, all the focus goes onto your suit, and an ill-fitted suit can ruin your look! Focus on one part of your outfit. By that, either wear a pair of brightly colored pants and a neutral or basic color and looking jacket and shirt. Or you can wear an special jacket, like the blue tweed one above and pair it with a basic pant. Keep your shoes classic and either matching your jacket or pant. For some great shoes, check out 15 of the Best Shoes You can Find on the Internet.

No Tie – Layers
It is obvious that when you are wearing layers, the layer of clothing closest to your skin is rarely ever seen. So, wearing a tie on a collared shirt while also wearing a cardigan, a scarf, and a jacket doesn’t make much fashion sense. Many times, it is reasonable that you should wear many layers of clothing. Do you walk to work, or does your job require you to be outside for some time during the day? In the fall and winter months, you will need to bulk up on layers so you can stay warm outside and be comfortable inside because you can shed a few pieces of clothing.
Berluti’s layers (shown above) are a great addition to their business appropriate line. As the weather gets colder, layers are a great way to keep warm and still look professional. Simply adding a sweater under your blazer distracts people from the fact that you are not wearing a tie, plus, it still looks classic when you take the blazer off.
AMI‘s Spring collection is a very casual collection of menswear looks. Most outfits show layers of clothing, usually a collared shirt covered by a cardigan and a jacket. This line is specifically for artistic and laid back type of men. These outfits are still professional in nature (although, I would not recommend you copying this style for work if you work for a Fortune 500 company), but with layering sweaters and jackets instead of blazers, the layering look seems less formal than Berluti’s looks.

I would recommend wearing dress pants or pants of a material that is not jean when layering clothing. Jeans are an instant way of making your outfit casual, but wearing many layers and jeans may look like you put zero effort into your outfit.

No Tie – Casual 
A casual look is the easiest to pull off without a tie. Whether or not you are going out on a simple date or hanging out with the guys at a bar, you don’t want to look like you just got off of work nor do you want to be wearing too many layers.
Shorts (and jeans!) should only be worn if you are going somewhere that a casual dress is fine. If you don’t want to seem to casually dressed, simply pair your shorts with a blazer for an instant hint of sophistication. Brioni’s lookbook shows many men’s outfits that are professional in nature but show a casual side in which you could wear them at a basic day’s events. The best way to pull off this look is to make sure that you are comfortable! Comfort shows. Meaning, if you feel laid-back and relaxed, that is the way people will view you and the way you look. Make sure that your pants are comfortable and wrinkle free. Look for fabric blends that won’t wrinkle, so you don’t have to worry about wrinkles down the back of your pants ruining your look. If you want to wear a blazer but feel like a blazer and a collared shirt may be too professional for the look you are going for, swap the collar for a basic or graphic tee.

The best places to buy from to complete your look:
Blazers & Suits: Express, Banana Republic, JCrew
Collared Shirts: Express, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein
Basic Tees:   H&M, Gap, Lands’ End, PacSun
Cardigans & Sweaters:   H&M, American Eagle, Express, Ralph Lauren
Pants & Shorts:   Gap, Express, JCrew, Guess
Scarves & Hats: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein

For more tips, check out our Creating Your Wardrobe articles: Pants, Shirts, and Shoes. Good luck going tie-less!
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