You may have come to expect the best out of everything you own. You are no stranger to performance clothing, you see the technological benefits every day in the gym, on the trail…wherever you sweat. But why does that performance stop the moment you change for work, a day in the city, or a night on the town? Ministry of Supply, a start up business wear company, thinks it’s time we stop choosing between performance and fashion, and start asking for more.

A fascination with performance apparel and style is at the heart of what Ministry of Supply’s product line. From his early teens, co-founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena had been hacking technical gear together, like windproof fleeces for camping, and went on to study chemical engineering at MIT. Spending two summers at the Sports Technology Institute, he learned how to bring the engineering and product design principles he was passionate about to apparel, and started prototyping his first dress shirt in the summer of 2011.

As the company says, they use research-based design principles to create purposeful products, engineered to work in any situation.


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