One of the more challenging parts of getting a new suit is getting it tailored. When making a large purchase or buying an item that is going to be a staple in your closet, you need to make sure that it is a timeless piece that will look good on you for years to come. Indochino makes this decision easier by making all of their clothing items perfectly fitted to your body. Additionally, you don’t have to focus on what type of clothing fits or flatters your body type. Since all of it is made to fit you and only you, it has been made to complement you and your body type.

Indochino also allows for customization of their suits through monogramming, linings and collar felts. Shirts can also be customized through different style cuffs and collars.

All clothing can be purchased in three easy steps. First, choose your style. Indochino has many styles and colors of suits, shirts, blazers and dress pants, so picking the style that you like the most may be a difficult task. Secondly, pick your customizations. Finally, you have to enter in your correct bodily measurements. Simply, follow the Indochino website and in a few weeks you will have your personalized to perfection clothing.

Price $379 to $699
These classic and stylish suits come in wool, cotton and silk. These suits are all perfectly tailored to fit your body type so whatever style you pick will look great on you.

Price $79 to $99
These tailored shirts come in nearly every color and pattern. Though the choices of red, blue (along with additional colors), plaid, paisley and stripped patterns, you will be able to find a shirt that fits your style and personality.

Blazers and Coats:
Price $199 to $299
Sometimes you don’t need a full three piece suit in your wardrobe. But you can easily change up your style to a more professional level though wearing a blazer. Also, everyone needs nice coats for those cold chilly winter nights.

Dress Pants:
Price $99 to $159
Pants are the most important part of any man’s wardrobe. Color, cut and style is important when choosing what to add to your collection. Particularly, bright colors are very fashionable because they show professionalism through the cut but a laid back easiness that coworkers and management loves to see.


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