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Photography by: Jaime Ibarra, William Hundley, Giovanni Lipari

We always like to hear how people get into modeling. What’s your how you got started in modeling story?
I feel like I’ve told this story dozens of times. Really, how I got into modeling isn’t all that interesting, it was totally by accident. A family friend used to test new camera equipment on me when I was a teenager, we noticed I was pretty photogenic and found I really enjoyed being in front of the camera. I used to be really shy, modeling helped me break out of my shell and discover a creative outlet that allows me to use my whole body to create art. I just love it! I think it also allows me to express my rebellious side. What I mean by this is there are a lot of ridiculous standards in the modeling industry, specifically the fashion modeling industry. I like to be the type of model who challenges these standards, offer a new perspective on “beauty” and flaunt the things that make me naturally unique.

There’s a lot of emotion and a sense that a real performer is present in your work. What inspires you when you shoot?
Thank you! Well, I am an actress, so I’m glad it’s apparent that I perform for the camera, even when it’s for still images! Emotion inspires me, from past experiences, or current emotional states. A lot of times I am listening to music when I’m at a photo shoot and this really tends to set the “mood” of the images. Expressing emotion for the camera comes naturally for me from within my soul. I always try to actually be in thought while being photographed, I think it adds that spark in the eye, puts life into it, instead of a blank stare.

So what’s life like in Austin? It has a reputation of having an awesome arts scene.
Life in Austin is pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie! It’s like a place of more awakened and artistic individuals that holds a peaceful unity at the same time. The art scene is spectacular, the creativity just never stops! We have it all, in almost every genre and medium. We are getting a bit crowded here though, so people need to be more conscience of their resource consumption (like our water supply!) or we will have to stop being so welcoming to all of the people who want to move here.

What’s on the agenda for you in the next few years creatively? Any plans or playing it by ear?
My biggest plans involve raising my new baby boy. :) It’s a lot of work, so realistically, you could say I’m definitely playing it by ear when it comes to everything else in my life. My love for modeling will definitely continue, and I’ll make as much time for it as I can! I also want to continue my pursuit of acting. I don’t think my new title as Mom will stop me from being creative, it’s who I am and always will be.

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