Featuring Lucia Javorčeková

Lucia tell us a bit about how you got started modeling and how you got started.
Hi, greetings to all readers So, I started modeling when I was 18, after I got married. Now it´s almost 6 years. I started to build my portfolio after a wedding photographer told me he thought I was great in front of the camera. I am wondering sometimes if I hadn’t been married if I would be doing modeling now. I feel like everything in my life is as it should be.

You live in Bratislava, Slovakia now right? Do you shoot all over Europe and also in your home town?
Yes, I was born in Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia. I have been shooting here, but for most of my shoots I traveling all over Europe.

What’s in the future for you and your career? Any projects you’d like to let our readers know about?
I don´t like planning anything. When I plan something it doesn´t work usually. I let things happen and we will see what the future brings.

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