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Lola Marie – From Ohio with Love – More to Come in Muze!

LOLA MARIE WILL BE ONE OF OUR STAR MODELS AT OUR MUZE MODEL SHOOT TOUR – CLEVELAND. If you are a photographer or model and would like to attend find out more:

Photography by: Scott Byler – JScott Photography, Klarc Snowden –, Joe Alven- Abydos Studios

So, Lola, tell us a bit about how you got started in this whole modeling business, and how is it going?
How did I get started in the business? It’s hard to say exactly. I have always dreamed of one day being a famous model and actress! I think if you really want something and believe in yourself, you can make anything happen! I enjoyed being in front of the camera and took part in local modeling opportunities when they were available. When I finally developed the confidence it really takes to strive in this industry, that’s when doors started opening for me. Sometimes my schedule can be a little crazy, but I love it like that. I’m doing what I have always wanted and I am enjoying every minute!

You live in Cleveland now right? Did you grow up in Ohio?
I was born in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. My folks split sometime when I was around 3 and my mom and I moved to Ohio to live with my Grandma. I have lived in different suburbs of Cleveland ever since.

Have you been able to travel to some cool places to shoot? Where were your favorites so far?
One of my favorite photo shoots was at the Laundromat! I love images that capture more than just a hot chick. It was so much fun and the pictures turned out fantastic!

If you could pick three places you wished modeling you allow you to travel to, where would you want to go?
I want to travel the world! There are so many beautiful and exotic places I would love to travel to for modeling. My top three places would be Malaysia, Greece, and St. Bart’s.

We heard you dance and sing also. Tell us a little about how you express yourself through music and dance, and any projects you’d like to let Muze readers and fans know about.
Singing and dancing are two of the various ways I like to entertain. Raised by my mom who’s passion is singing in front of live audience, definitely had a lot of influence on me. I used to perform in musicals growing up and I like to go out for karaoke for fun. Dancing is my stress relief, my workout time, my energy boost, my passion, my everything. I’ve studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, salsa, and other Latin styles of dance. I’ve got rhythm and I can definitely shake it. . I’m really just a big ball of creative energy and I want to do it all. I’m in the works of putting a mini show together inspired by the hilarious events that happen in my not so typical life… but I don’t want to say much more than that yet!

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