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Cynianne, you are living in Vancouver. Were you born there?
No actually I was born in Hong Kong but I moved to Canada when I was just a little baby so I grew up in Vancouver.

How did you get into modeling?
I started modeling for fun when I was just a young teen but now it’s kind of becoming a hobby of mine. Something I really enjoy doing and is a great use of my time. Every so often I start to get an itch to do another photo shoot ASAP

What inspires you when you model and perform?
My love and passion is what inspires me to do what I do. When I get to model at car shows I get the opportunity to get my name out there and also to interact with the fans and show people the type of person that I am. It gives me soooo much room to grow and meet tons of new people. When I’m dancing on that stage all I hear and feel is the music flow through my body. I don’t see anyone nor do I really care. I’m just in my own little bubble of music zen. you know?

What other parts of your career besides modeling would you like to share with Muze readers?
Right now I am beginning my journey as an event planner and soon my goal is to become a wedding planner and create the most beautiful moments for those lovely couples out there. Keep an eye out for me!!

If your fairy god mother said you could pick one awesome place to live for five years, where would it be? Where would you love to live?
If my fairy god mother exists I would ask her to create my own get a away, a place that doesn’t exist on earth. Ask her, she would know. But back to reality although I do love Vancouver and it’s beautiful people I would love to move to New York, the city that never sleeps! So many things to do there and it’s just a non-stop hustle and bustle kind of life!

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