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Harry Ma |
Jay Jones – Phase 5 Studios |
Jason Mordeno |
Sarah Kiks Photography

Arianna, tell us a little about where you grew up and how you got into modeling.
I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and been living here my whole life. I actually started my modeling by signing up for an account on Initially, I didn’t think much of it. I just wanted to take some photos just for fun and for me to have so I started off just doing a bunch of photoshoots until I built a decent portfolio for myself. Eventually in time, I recieved better opportunities and modeling became something I wanted to shift towards.

You are living in Vancouver now! How’s the scene up there for modeling and events? Does the Vancouver lifestyle fit your personality?
Honestly, the industry is a small market in Vancouver so there isn’t much opportunity here which is why I really want the chance to travel to other cities with a bigger market for modeling to pursue it further. Vancouver is a pretty diverse and multicultural city. I’m pretty easy going and always keep an open mind to new things so it’s easy for me to adapt.

Would you say you like to be the center of attention? Are you a performer at heart?
I love being the centre of attention sometimes. Just depends on when and where. Yes! I am a performer at heart. One of my other passions is singing so every now and then you’ll catch me singing live at local venues around my hometown. So if I’m performing live then that’s when I love to be centre of the attention!

Has modeling brought you opportunities to travel?
Yes it has, I’ve been able to attend a couple car shows in the states and hoping to do more travelling this year. The ultimate dream is to work and travel simultaneously!

If you could pick three places you wished modeling could allow you to travel to, where would you want to go?
Ooohh… hard to pick! I think My top three places I want to travel to are Australia, Thailand and Bora Bora. But if it was to pursue modeling further, I would want to go to cities like New York, LA and Miami where there is a big market for that.

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