Photography by: Eikona :

Alyshia, what led you to modeling?
I originally started modeling as a child but never really saw it as a potential career as I am on the petite side. I later worked as a freelance makeup artist and after working with one particular photographer and now great friend he had insisted I get in front of that camera, and here I am today completely addicted to it.

Toronto has a great reputation as being a great city to visit. How do you like living there and how’s the modeling and arts scene there?
I love living in Toronto there is so much to do all the time! It has great food and some really trendy spots to hang out. The modeling is going well for me here, although a lot of my work shot here is submitted to international publications. Toronto is a great spot for art and culture, there is always something interesting to check out.

Do you feel like there were turning points in your modeling career that led you to where you are now?
There have definitely been a few key turning points in my modeling career, getting published in Playboy Cyber club, Playboy Romania, Playboy Venezuela and Playboy Mexico were all great moments for me and are allowing me to really appreciate my hard work paying off. Being flown down to the Playboy Mansion to test for Playmate last spring was also a key point in my career as it really gave me a taste for what I am 100% certain I want to work toward.

What inspires you when you shoot?
I don’t think I have any one thing that really inspires me. I take inspiration for all aspects of life, it may be channelling an emotion I am feeling, or the colour of something can inspire me.

What would you like to accomplish the next couple years career-wise?
I would love to create a solid, memorable and classy brand for myself. I want to use my modeling platform in different ways to expand on other areas of interest such as a makeup line, lingerie, etc.

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