Our premiere issue brings you amazingly beautiful shoots featuring cover model Francesca Lukasik, Brittany Mason, Jasmine Waltz, Caitlin O’Connor, Wlada Schüler, Genevieve Rae, and more – fascinating storytelling from Leon Legothetis, Ahmir-Khalib “Questlove” Thompson, and Davy Rothbart.

Muze Magazine - PREMIERE - Issue 1

By Muze Magazine

126 pages, published 10/10/2013

Muze Magazine is a new, independent online, and print magazine, featuring incredibly beautiful women, stunning photography and compelling storytelling.

Hello World 1.0
So, here we go. After about a year online Muze goes print. This is only the start to be sure. You will see a new issue every two months for starters, and when the time is right we’ll go monthly. This premiere issue is available in print and on demand on HP Magcloud (magcloud.com) as well as other platforms, as a gorgeous digital publication where you can enjoy it on your tablet, phone, computer or other device. In the near future we will be reaching one of those old fashioned newsstands near you. Go to muzemagazine.com and click the PRINT button to get all the up-to-date information on how to get your hands on every issue of Muze. We’d call this historic but we don’t believe in self serving hyperbole. The proof will be in the pudding…as they say. We hope you come back for more pudding.

I’d like to send an enormous thank you to all the amazingly talented people that contributed to this first (but not last) print issue of. You are all wonderfully talented and kind people and without each and every one of you this paradoxically gigantic, yet small step forward would not have been possible. Onward!

Michael Dykstra
Publisher, Editor, Founder

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The Muze
Some incredibly beautiful shoots from around the world, featuring: Caitlin O’Connor, Jasmine Waltz, Nathalie Hers, Wlada Schüler, Genevieve Rae, and Cinthya Colorado, AND on the cover, Francesca Lukasik. Shot by photographers who know how to bring the Muze: Alberto Buzzanca, Erik Tranberg, Michael Dykstra, Moritz Thau, Maurizio Fantini, Camilo Espitia, and Alessandra Fiorini.

The Spotlight
In this issue we spotlight the beautiful Brittany Mason, who also has a beautiful message about socially conscious action and giving back. We also profile an interesting Rock band duo from England called the Smoke Fairies.

The Journey
There’s nothing like the tale of The Journey. Through life. From a place. To a place. It’s an essential element to understanding the human spirit — and ourselves. Every issue we will bring you a story of a Journey. This issue is an excerpt from Leon Logothetis’ book The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, where he introduces us to his cross country trip and — quite a journey indeed.

The Story
Compelling storytelling is at the heart of every issue of Muze. In this issue we are lucky to share with you excerpts from a couple great books by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, and Davy Rothbart.

The Roll
There’s the GOOD (an epic struggle with the Guinea worm, Scarlett Johansson, and more) and the BAD (Kanye West, The Mega Rich and of course more) and it’s all explained in The Roll.

We all like cool stuff! We are always on the lookout for cool things to adore from afar, or not so… afar.

Numbers can tell interesting stories. You can catch some on page 7

Order your own copy OR view Issue 1 ONLINE

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