Nina, tell is a little about where you grew up. What’s your home town?
I grew up in Almaty, in Kazakhstan. I lived there until I was 10 years old and then I moved to Italy to reach my mother. I should say I really miss my country, the desert, the mountains and the skyscrapers; but at the same time when I get back there I get a strange feelings, because time to time I think I feel more home in Florence.

How did you end up where you now in Italy?
I didn’t choose the place to live. I was really a child when I came to Italy for the first time and my mother was already living in Tuscany about two years, so I just stood and I don’t have now particular complaints about this region of Italy. A lot of people from abroad actually envy me for the great food and awesome wines! I tried to stay in London and it’s there that I realized that Italy has a lot of defects, but you really can’t put your finger on food and drinks.

How did you get started modeling? Is there a story behind your getting into modeling?
I was studying photography at school and for some projects I needed a model. I didn’t have my models and I didn’t even know I could ask real models to pose for me somehow (now it happens quite often that students contact me for their school projects and now I know). I didn’t find my friends suitable to pose for me, so I started making some self-portraits. I put some of my pictures on Myspace and a photographer from Genoa (Liguria, Italy) noticed me and asked me to work with him. I was surprised, I didn’t know I could work my own, without an agency, I had no idea there were so many freelance models!

I got signed for few local agencies after two years or something, but I still prefer to have a direct contact with the artists. I define myself more “artistic” than fashion or whatever, because I don’t work for designers that much, I am more suitable for expressive and emotive projects, just to create something beautiful and end itself. I could talk for hours about my point of view on my, let’s say, career, just to let the fashion industry know that photography is not about great locations and pretty clothes only.

What inspires you when you shoot? What inspires your work?
It really depends on who I work with. Some photographers inspire me, they somehow lead me, they give me advices and I like to let myself go to their guide. On the other hand there are silent artists who prefer just to follow me while I pose and I should say it’s when I really feel like a part of the creative process. I don’t like when people just want my red hair and my white skin, I love when they notice me for those details, but then they try to go deeper to make the pictures talk. I love when I have even a short mood-board, something I can study a little before the shoot, so I really know what the final work should look like and I know how to work on my expressions. When I have the mood-board in advance, usually during the session nobody talks, all the team knows what to do.

But you know what? My favorite part of this job is “improvising”. Sometimes I’m on the seaside with the wind in my hair, or on the boiling asphalt with the sun in my face and I have next to me someone really special and I say “I want to pose for you, take your camera” and this is how it goes.

Photography by: Simone Lezzi, Pino Leone, Nicola Casini, Marco Onofri, Janine Mizera, Giorgia Borneto, Davide Cattaneo

Nina’s Image Gallery

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