Dida, tell is a little about where you grew up. What’s your home town?
I grew up in Desenzano, a well known small village on the Lake Garda, in the North of Italy. Here the nature is wonderful with mountains and country that areconnected by a big lake (Lake Garda)

What’s your experience been like with modeling. The ups and the downs. What would you say to younger girls thinking about modeling?
Since I was a baby girl, fashion played an important role in my life. It begins as a passion for dresses and shoes especially those of my mother who used to wear timeless Italian brands such as Prada, Armani and Valentino. Now a days, being a model is still exciting as it was in the first days. I love to travel to different cities and countries because I often find some time to visit new places. The best thing is that I can play with all the different sides of my personality and that’s very cool. By the way, sometimes it is stressful too. Every single time, people ask you to be perfect and you have to find the right connection with the people you work with. You have to sleep well and keep fit. Taking care of your body is essential. I am a lucky model, since I love to eat and I don’t need to use a hard diet. I just eat healthy food as much as I want. I know many young models think that being a model means to be skinny and they begin to avoid food. That’s dangerous and it will not bring you anywhere, because you will end being unhappy. I suggest to any of the girls who choose this career to respect their body’s needs, live healthy but give yourself energy as much as your body needs.

How did you get started modeling? Is there a story behind your getting into it?
I started modelling at 18 thanks to a friend of mine, a photographer who asked me to shoot with him. Then, I sent those photos to some agencies and my career began.

What inspires you when you shoot? What inspires your work?
Every time I shoot I try to understand what the photographer is looking for and then I look for that mood inside me. That’s why every time it is unique and new.

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