Dan, how did you get started shooting and how did your style evolve?
I am an educated photographer. 20 years ago, I graduated from the Academy for Fine Arts and Design in Bern, Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, I started out with in commercial studio photography and that morphed into the direction of people photography. Not really fashion related work but rather more portraiture related. In Switzerland it’s uncommon to shoot any nudes for a living. Well, it probably would work today but back then it was a no go.

I have concentrated on nude photography for the last 10 years now, right after I chose Prague to be my permanent new home. The style itself evolved over the years by experimenting quite a bit but I am pretty sure I’ve finally found my own signature style a few years ago.

You are located in Prague. It’s quite clear from your work you have been able to shoot with some very beautiful and talented models. How do you find your models? Agencies? Or are these part time amateur models?
In the beginning here – my market entry – I thankfully had a good colleague who already knew the local industry. He provided me with my first direct contacts to models.

Today, I have my own network which is still based on direct contacts, model’s word of mouth referrals and the support from my team (makeup artists & stylists).
The local industry is quite small and good reputation is a definite door opener. These days I often get approached by models directly. If we are in need of breathing new life into a project, we run an open casting call.

I know this may sound trite, but what’s your inspiration for your work? What’s makes you excited to shoot and edit? What drives you to shoot?
Fair question. I think my inspiration is also my driving force at the same time: seeking, enhancing and pushing pure female beauty. Women are so beautiful! I am not the artsy type of shooter searching for sense nor very keen in daily imperfection. I rather create photos of perfectly shaped bodies with attractive expressions mostly composed in settings flooded with light. I just love light. These are my glamour influenced photos.

Editing the shots is a pain, however. Well no, wait. The selection process before the actual editing is horrifying. From every setup I finalize a short sequence of 5-7 photos max. Selecting the right ones always takes big effort. Once done, I love to enhance them and “attach” the final atmosphere to the story. That’s always a real kick.

Do you have any projects you’d like to tell our readers about? Also, please share web site links and social media where we can all find out more about you and follow your work.

Relocating from Zurich to Prague, I founded StudioPrague for my dedicated nude photography productions.
For some years now, I am offering private education and mentoring to photo enthusiasts from around the world who are just starting out in photography. I am very successful with this private approach and participants just love it: www.studioprague.com. A few months ago, I invented a free educational blog named “Learn Nude Photography”. This free offer is dedicated for all people who are interested in taking the first steps in Glamour, Boudoir & Nude Photography. I also offer and host a free 21 week online course: www.studioprague.com/blog. A few last words about social media. Facebook and other forms of social media aren’t nudity friendly communities. I call it the DisneyWorld spirit. All along I have had a hard time promoting my photography and spreading the work in social media. Nevertheless, I created a Google+ community, sharing posts and insights about my work (including non-nude images as well). G+ is more professional than Facebook and people are more serious about the topics at hand: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100243284468092219125

Learn Nude Photography Free: www.StudioPrague.com/Blog
Private Nude Photography Education: www.StudioPrague.com
G+ Community about Nude Photography: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100243284468092219125

Dan’s Image Gallery

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