Olenka, so happy we can feature your beautiful photography in Muze. Tell us a little about where you grew up. Have you lived in Kiev your whole life?
Thank you very much for your interest to my art! I was born in Kharkov, moved to Kiev with my husband 7 years ago. And here I started to shoot with female models. First I learned make-up and things worked out quite successfully as make-up artist, and than I became very interested in images of women’s beauty and started to shoot girls which I liked. I really like boudoir style of photography.

The models you have shot with are amazingly beautiful. Do you work with agencies in Ukraine or throughout Europe?
Most of the models I have worked with are not represented models. A few of them are professional. We find each other via the Internet. When I started to shoot, I was just shooting girls who I liked. Mostly my make-up clients.

All of your work portrays such an elegant and classical side of female beauty. What inspires you when you shoot?
Thank you very much! My inspiration is everywhere! Especially painting and music. Traveling is also giving a very good inspiration. Workshops and master classes are too.

Have you been able to travel much in your work? Tell us a little about that.
I love my job for this ability to travel a lot! This is amazing part of it:) I love planes and traveling. I just returned a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

Have you been able to travel to the U.S. for a shoot yet?
I have never been in USA. But I’m dreaming to visit New York City

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