Caitlin where did you grow up and how did you get started modeling?
I’m from a small town called Hartland in Wisconsin. I never wanted to model, or had any thought about it growing up. I was a huge fan of the show the Girls Next Door. As my interest in Playboy grew as I got older…I continued to follow the show and lifestyle. I was looking online one day and ran across a casting call for Playboy that happened to be on my 18th birthday in Chicago…which was about two hours from my house. My boyfriend at the time helped me sign up and that was that. I didn’t think anything would’ve came of it. So it was kind of one of those…in the spare of the moment…I’m an adult…i can do this! Haha. It took off…and then bam I was modeling.

What’s behind the move to Florida? Did you move there for your career?
Oh man, well the real story behind my move was that my ex boyfriend had threatened my life. He was a depressed, miserable person who attempted suicide over and over, and threatened it more times that I can remember. He was in and out of mental hospitals and jail.He got abusive in every way possible towards me…sexually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I ended up getting a letter from the State stating that my life had been threatened on many counts. I had to leave and stay with my family in Florida. Aside from the dark times….I’m a full time Nursing student!

What inspires you when you shoot?
What inspires me the most when i shoot is that i can stand in front of the camera as myself. I’m not shooting for attention, or to just have “modeling” pictures, its all a passion. Through the rough times in my life…i didn’t always have the best self esteem. Modeling helped me gain a positive image and find true beauty in myself. It was a way for me to express myself and to take me out of the hurt i have been through. Its a release. Modeling isn’t about getting pretty pictures…to me it’s about expressing yourself in ways you can’t in normal life. Modeling takes me to my happy place.

You are relatively new to the scene but have been able to collaborate with some talented photographers and stylists. Where do you see modeling taking you from here?
I have been truly blessed. I don’t know how else to express how honored i feel to have been able to work with the photographers, stylists, make-up artists, etc, that I have. I was given a chance by another model to join her team and be involved in her workshops. I’m so thankful for her. This last workshop put me in my place. I wasn’t sure before that… if i wanted to continue modeling. I almost feel like i have reinvented myself. I hate thinking I changed from who I was, but I think i have finally find who it is I’m suppose to be. This time around… I’m going to give it all i got!

What are some of your favorite things about Florida?
My favorites things about Florida would have to be… beach, sand, water! Haha. I’m not very original in that way, all girls love the beach! I love the fact that it doesn’t snow here! That might have to be my favorite!!!

Photography by George Mario, Donald Earl, TH Taylor, Chris Keeling, Bruce Amoroso, Neah Falco, Scott Miron, Drew Packman

Also with the talents of Hair and Make-up Artist Maria Spatharakis

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