Photographed by: Scott Curtis

So, we know you are based in London, but did you grow up in England? How did you get into modelling?
I grew up in England, however I’m not so keen on London and City Life any-more so I’m looking to live part of the time in the States for work purposes and I would like my home to based somewhere in Europe most likely Italy. In regards to modeling I was head-hunted to be the Playmate for the Golden Edition of French Playboy and since then I’ve been lucky enough to have centerfolds and covers for Playboy worldwide and other leading brand magazines.

You have been published widely, all over the world. You certainly have been busy. Have you been able to travel in the US much?
Yes I’ve been there quite often for modelling gigs and love it there and have also appeared in US Maxim and other magazines and have quite a large fan-base out there now.

Has the modeling been helping you get acting gigs? Do you want to do more acting in the future?
My Modelling has enabled me to gain a large following especially over at Google+ with 2.4 Million Followers. Producers and Directors like to have someone with high profile so yes it has helped as a actress and I will continue to pursue that and I would be very happy to accept feature role in movies or a sitcom in the future.

Where do you see yourself in five years April?
I hope to see myself as a recognized actress and maybe be settling down and starting a family.

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