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So, we know you are a small town Texas girl, but tell us, how small and what was it like growing up?
I was actually born in Seoul, South Korea and spent my childhood in Babenheusen, Germany. From there, I’ve lived in Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma and Indiana due to my father being in the military. I spent the most time in Killeen/Ft. Hood, Texas so I consider that my home town. Living in a small town is very interesting. Seems everyone knows everything about everyone and it’s very tight knit. Most kids grow up and never really leave. That’s not bad or anything, I just wanted more out of life than what I could see.

Do you feel like growing up in a small town culture was a hindrance to getting started in this career or a benefit or a mix of some sort?
Well, I think if I lived in a bigger city it would have helped me in the beginning. I moved to College Station, Texas when I was in college and that’s when my modeling career began. I never actually did any modeling there but I always traveled to Houston or Dallas to do car shows, since I was what you call an “import model” at the time. I would have gotten a lot further, faster if I lived in LA or something though for sure.

It’s indisputable your Korean and European mixed heritage has graced you with a uniquely appealing beauty. What’s it like keeping in touch with those Korean roots, or do you even feel a need?
Well eating Korean food is about as close as I am to my roots. I don’t really look Korean, and in fact no one ever really thinks I am until I tell them or mention it so I’ve always been more American. My mom is so American these days, it’s funny.

You’ve been able to travel quite a bit at a young age. If your fairy god mother said you could pick one awesome place to live for five years, where would it be? Where would you love to live?
I’d probably live in Korea or Italy. I love Korean and Italian food, art and culture so it would be a great learning experience.

Many models have a desire to work in TV, video, commercials and movies. Have you been making that transition, and how’s it been going?
Well, I’ve done a little hosting and acting but I just don’t seem to have a passion for it. I was never the little girl who said “I want to be a famous actress” or anything like that. It’s just not me. I’ve been approached about a few roles in the past year but if I do sign on for a film, it would have to be something I can relate to. I will always be open to the idea as long as I am comfortable with the role.

Any projects you are working on that you’d like to let our readers know about?
I have my new work coming out with Maxim and FHM this summer, as well as a feature with Gentleman Korea, which is their version of GQ or Esquire. My Maxim and FHM work will be coming out in Asia. Last year I did Maxim and FHM Europe so I’m happy I was able to get into the Asian market this year. I also work with a vocal coach and my team and I are in the talks of working on a few tracks to be released next year. It’s a new project I have been working on and it gives me a challenge so it’s nice to have that passion again.

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