Photographed by Kevin Mosmen
Interview by Michael Dykstra

So how does someone get started modeling in Scranton, Pennsylvania?
Well you cant really get in modeling in Scranton, PA, cute little town but not great for modeling. Lots of girls here get pics done by local photographers or will be in local newspapers for “model of the week” or something but that’s as far as our resources here as far as modeling goes. Myself and other girls who are interested in modeling soon realize we need to go outside of our town to work with better photographers and do more with our career. I got into modeling originally when I needed to get headshots taken for the Miss Pennsylvania pageant when I was 20. I realized I was comfortable in front of the camera and then after the pageant I wanted to do more modeling. This year I really buckled down and got serious thanks to hard work and some luck. I was friends with a few girls on Facebook who are popular models in LA and are in lots of Men’s magazines like Maxim, FHM, etc. Apparently a well known manager who works with a lot of these girls saw my pics on their page and emailed me. After checking into it and talking to the other girls who spoke very highly of him, I was being sent to Maxim castings, movie auditions, within a few weeks. Through talking to him and my friends and family, I ultimately decided to move to LA this summer if I want to be near the castings and auditions and be successful with this. He also arranged a ton of great shoots for me to make my portfolio much stronger than it was previously and has recently booked me in spreads for Maxim Espanol and Maxim UK this summer.

You are making a transition soon, and moving to Los Angeles. West Hollywood to be specific. Are you tackling modeling and acting? What’s the plan?
Yes , Im moving to West Hollywood at the very end of June when my lease is up here. My plan so far is to get great and diverse pics done, go to as many castings as I can, try to land as many magazines as I can, be the face of clothing lines, high end hair products, and popular makeup lines like Benefit, Too Faced, Nars etc that girls my age wear. I am also going to be taking acting classes intensely to help me with TV and film auditions and to help me get my SAG card.

Do you have friends or connections out there?
Yes, My agent is back and forth from NY and LA, so hes there constantly. There are also the models who he manages that I know. I have gone to the Maxim casting with a few of them so I got to know them a little and they were very nice and excited for me to get to the West Coast. I also am friends with a couple big photographers out there, and people that I can network with business wise.

So if we get back to you in say, 3 years, what would Abigail be up to in Hollywood?
I have a few main magazines I want to be on the cover of, I also want to be known world wide and be a household name. I hope to have been in Blockbuster films, Popular TV shows, and developing a line of my own clothes or perfume from my success in modeling and acting. I hope I can support myself and live a nice life off of my career and have other aspiring models look up to me the way I look up to other models now.

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