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Sandy Manase – Featured Photographer Shares Her Very Personal and Beautiful Self Portraits

Photography by Sandy Manase
Interview by Thomas Brightman

The photos featured here are all self portraits right? You set up the camera and take these by yourself. Can you explain a little about how you do all this? Your process?
Yes, they all are self portraits. I have a remote control, so it’s an easy job. Then I find nice places outside or I’m trying to create a warm atmosphere indoors, something which can transmit pure beauty. Of course, natural light is required for inside photos, so the post processing becomes much easier, and I can play with a variety of colors, adding to the photos that special thing that attracts the eye. I think that yellow shades are the most advantageous, because it seems that they have impact, but also remain gentle and beautiful.

You look like an actress in these photos. A mood and story comes through. Is that your intention?
Well, truth is that this form of photography has to do with acting. In every photo I try to create not really a story, because that depends on imagination of every viewer, but surely I have the intention to transmit a mood. Like for some seconds I play a role. Photography is a wonderful way to express feelings and sensations.

Do you model for other photographers or just shoot for yourself?
No, I just model for myself. I got a lot of proposals, even from other countries, but I’m not interested in collaboration with others. I like doing things on my own, and considering that photography is just a hobby for me. I have time to collaborate with others in the future if I wish.

How long have you been working on your series of self portraits?
I work on my self portraits when I have time. When I consider that a photo is good enough or are last acceptable, and I have to admit that I’m extremely demanding, I upload it on DeviantART or on other sites where my photos are posted.

We must say there is a real sensuality about your work as well. Is that a goal of your work also?
It’s not a goal, it’s something I do instinctively. I have a passionate personality, I’m that type of person who fights for what she wants, who believes strongly in her beliefs, etc. I believe that the sensuality in my personality, emerges in my photos, so I’m not trying to hide it. I feel that’s a real advantage in the creation of my portraits.

Please share any web sites, or social media links you would like with our readers so they can follow your work.
Sure. here are some sites I use:

Sandy’s photo gallery

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