Photographed by Melissa Bring
Hair & Make Up: Tami Haviland

Jinny is a punk rock drummer and an actress. She has toured the world with her band and has walked the red carpet in Los Angeles and New Zealand for her work. She loves the rock and roll lifestyle, but also maintains a day job in production and design. Outside of that she is fundraising to start a pie shop, learning foreign languages, practicing Martial Arts and filming a reality show with Bring Media. Her “go getter” attitude and quirky disposition on life have earned her a spotlight in Muze Magazine.

What’s a word you use to describe yourself?
WEIRDO! I am a huge weirdo. I have so many personalities! I have to stay busy to keep them all appeased. (Laughs out loud and makes a silly face.) I work very hard in my “day to day” but I still keep my goals and dreams at the front of my mind. I really want to continue to pursue comedy and music. I play my drums every single day and I am a living cartoon. (Does a little arm dance) Yep, weirdo…It just seems to make the most sense.

What makes you laugh?
(Laughs loudly) People make me laugh so hard. I have a tendency to attract shenanigans, and because of that I have a lot of strange encounters and conversations. I like to be open and friendly to everyone. It makes every day an adventure. I laugh more and louder than normal people do and this makes me naturally ridiculous.

What is your relationship with Los Angeles like?
Los Angeles and I have a good marriage…For the most part. She sure beats me up sometimes, but never goes too long without giving me a strange new opportunity. I moved out here solely for acting. In my 9 years here, I have gotten in to so much more. I never thought of myself as a model but oddly it has paid a bill here and there. There was a time when I was a full time drummer in a punk band called “The Pistol Whips.” It didn’t pay a lot of bills, but I got to live in a sweet van for a while and hear my music on the radio. I am still very focused on acting and music but the dynamic has changed. Lately I have been getting in to the idea of more comedy roles and stand up. With my music, I have expanded back to my blues and jazz roots instead of the melting face metal rock I used to jam.

Do you still model?
Right now I’m with the modeling agency Instagram. My modeling agent Selfie Portraits can be reached anytime at her number 1.800.NOT.REAL.

What do you do on the weekends?
Learning the moves to Breakin 2 “Electric Boogaloo”. (Laughs) Seriously though, but while doing that I am usually making a new pie I thought of. I also like to do “pie tasting’s” with friends. See, I have this dream of starting a Pie Shop. I love making pies in cute 50’s dresses with a glass of Rye Whiskey and a good friend. I want to serve sweet and savory pies along with beer and wine. I have a lot more that I want to share about that but I’ve said too much already. (Looks around the room, eyebrow raised.)

With having so many interests and goals, what keeps you focused and able to handle the task at hand?
I am a woman! (Laughs) We are natural multitasking machines. I’ve also lived in Los Angeles for over 5 years and I think that alone gives you some level of attention deficit disorder. I have to think about a thousand things at once or I will literally go to sleep. I definitely set aside time in each day for the most important things. For example: I like to wake up, make my cayenne pepper coffee and head out to the garage for drums! Then I balance out the rest of the day with responsibilities like work and exercise (which means dance breaks). On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I get the privilege of tutoring homeless children through an organization called “School On Wheels”. I try to stay as busy as possible so that at the end of the day I can turn off my brain.

Where can we check in with you, or maybe get a piece of pie in the future?
You can come over for pie on Sunday if you like…You bring the Sazerac. (Smiles devilishly). Well, I am on facebook, twitter, linked IN, IMDB, the front porch and in your backyard. (Laughs) That didn’t come out right. (Laughs again) I’ll write them down for you. I had a great time with you MUZER! Keep in touch for sure!

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