Jan, how did you get started shooting and have you always been shooting the style you are now or did that evolve?
Well, as a teenager I had an analogue camera and took pictures of anything I found interesting plus the family and classmates naturally. About 10 years ago I bought myself a digital camera and a few days later I asked a daughter of my employee to shoot portraits with me. During the shooting she demanded some photos in a swim-suit and I asked her whether she didn’t want to have a few naked photos. She said YES. I uploaded some of them on the net and that was it. People reacted positively and in a month or two I got an e-mail from a well-known Czech photographer to come to see him. From that point shooting women is the main subject of my work. I never thought about how to shoot nor I have any idea. I just like to shoot the women exactly the way I see them in front of my camera; spontaneous, cheeky and showing their beast inside. I can’t even say I have a style though many people say they know my pics at the first sight. Basically I could say my photos are rather provocative. If it could be call a style. The final result depends on my mood during the shooting and the post-processing.

You are located in Slovakia. It’s quite clear from your work you have been able to shoot with some very beautiful and talented models. How do you find your models? Agencies? Or are these part time amateur models?
I come from Slovakia but live now in the Czech Republic. There are plenty of voluntary models here. I have never seen so many beautiful and courageous girls anywhere but in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I never address a girl in public. Usually they write me messages on social networks and ask me to do shooting. From time to time I persuade myself and write a model I like very much. I never paid a model for shooting the stuff I am into. Everything must be spontaneous. I cannot imagine a paid shooting like this.

I know this may sound trite, but what’s your inspiration for your work? What’s makes you excited to shoot and edit? What drives you to shoot?
I like to be with people that like to be with me and in my case they are models and I am a photographer so we all appreciate what we do and are curious about the result and reactions. It’s pretty interesting to find out what is each the girl about and how she reacts. Working on the photos in the PC brings a kind of excitement too. Making the models WOW-looking.

Do you have any projects you’d like to tell our readers about? Also please share web site links and social media where we can all find out more about you and follow your work.
I would like to publish a book in Taschen. That’s my goal. A solo book. I have already published some 6 photos in the New Erotic Photography II but the solo book is exactly what I want all the time since the beginning. You can find me on Facebook as “Jan Hronsky Photography” and on Deviantart as “zlty-dodo”. Nevertheless you can find my photos at many places through the net just type “Jan Hronsky” or “zlty dodo” which is my nickname since the grammar school. And happily people can find me now in your magazine :)

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