So, we know you are a model with supermodel looks from a town in Norway called Tromso. Tell us a little about Tromso and how you got started modeling.
Tromso is a beautiful city in Northern Norway. We’re basically known for our culture and history and we are also popular for our winter and summer time. Winter is known for the time for darkness where our summer time is known for midnight sun! Summer time is my favorite season, Midnight Sun is when the sun doesn’t set for 2 months from the beginning middle of May to the middle of July. Tromso created the Midnight Sun Marathon where it really is an incredible experience for outsiders visiting Tromso in the summer! Winter time is incredible because we’re so far north. We go weeks with being in complete darkness. Our Northern Lights Festival, which is very popular in my hometown, is our celebration of our day of sun, the day the sun returns after being in complete darkness for weeks. It’s another really awesome experience for people outside of Norway to see!

Where have you been able travel and shoot?
I traveled pretty much all over for shoots and it’s really incredible to be able to go and take amazing pictures in other countries and meet new people!
I began modeling at age 16 in Norway where I was scouted and continued from their with all different agencies even from other countries such as Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Japan, Athens, Miami, and Sweden!

What are your goals for your modeling career. What do you see yourself doing in the next couple years?
As far as my modeling career goes I plan on going as far as possible. It’s really the best experience I have been blessed with and enjoy being considered a role model for younger girls out their.
In the next couple of years I hope to still be modeling and hopefully making a bigger impact on the fashion industry. I would love to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated one day and hope to inspire younger girls as they pursue this career.

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