Photography and Interview by Melissa Bring
Wardrobe Stylist: Raming Medina
Make Up: Tami Haviland
Hair Stylist: Rosa Gil
Photo Assistant: Kyle Bring

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the lovely Hadeel Sittu for Muze Magazine. Not only did we have a great time on set, I feel we really captured her sexy outgoing personality. A few weeks following the shoot, I sat down with Hadeel and she shared her journey with me for Muze Magazine.

The 5 foot 2 beauty was standing in front of Sweet Butter in Los Angeles in a long jersey skirt, silk tank and jean jacket perfectly proportionate. Her long dark hair was sparkling as she noticed me walking up, she instantly ran to hug me. We order our eggs, white beans and coffee and took a seat outside to enjoy the sunny LA day.

MB: How did you get into acting?
HS: I worked at Sea World growing up. I remember doing company orientations in front of all these people that were going to be new hires and I just felt like I was putting on a show of sorts, and I had always wanted to come out to LA and act. I had a really good support system in San Diego that pushed me to do it! (Move to Los Angeles)

MB: What was your first acting gig?
HS: ABC show called “Eyes”. It has Tim Daly & a bunch of really talented actors. It aired 6 episodes out of 13 and I was on episode 8th so I never aired. (Laughs) Which was devastating. (Laughs)

MB: Who would you say are the most important people to befriend on set?
HS: OMG, your DP and your Editor Hello!

MB: Do you feel you get type casted for your roles?
HS: I am purebred Iraqi. I think 90% of everything I have worked has been in a burka! I think it’s the name. Oh, I remember getting one reoccurring role for General Hospital Night Shift, and I was so excited because my name was “Barrett”. I was like ‘this is great’. I get to set and they inform me my character has just been in an accident and is bandaged from head to toe. (Laughs)

MB: Have you ever had any interest in the roles behind the camera?
HS: Yes! I am a writer and need to get back into spending more time with that. Also, I do make up when I am not in front of the camera and love it. I like meeting so many great individuals and I get to be creative while still being on set.

MB: Have you found a good network of people in LA? I know many people say it can be difficult to find genuine people here.
HS: I have been so fortunate. The people closest to me have been so supportive whether they are doing the same thing or not. Opportunity is everywhere and we all know it. I have had such an amazing support system.

MB: How do you feel about the photo shoot we did for MUZE?
HS: Well… I had the most amazing photographer… She was magical.

MB: (Laughs) You are sweet! You are magical!
HS: Really, I love them. Wow, what a team. From the photography, to make up to styling… I could not believe the images we got. I could of shot all day long and that is so not me!

MB: Do you like being in front of the camera?
HS: I like it when I have material to read, perform and work with other actors. I was very nervous during the photo shoot.

MB: You were a natural!
HS: Awe, Thank you! I am so dorky and don’t feel like I am a sexy person so I think we captured that.

MB: If you could leave your readers with something what would that be?
HS: Be kind to one another and smile a lot.

MB: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I just love you.
HS: Thank you! Love you!

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