Photographed by Gemma Redford
Model – Jemma Funge
Interview by Michael Dykstra

Gemma has had experience working in the industry for many years, covering portraiture and events such as music festivals, family occasions and local charity fundraisers and runs her own business based in Surrey. Her work has also been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers and she is currently working with a selection of music websites as an event photographer. She is inspired by movies such as Pulp fiction, Goodfellas, Fight Club and Almost Famous and is highly influenced by the 60′s and 70′s. Her favourite photographers are Alex Prager, Baron Wolman, Gregory Crewdson and William Eggleston

Gemma, your portfolio is varied, compelling and a blast to look through. What are you normally shooting? Or do you prefer to change it up as much as possible?
Thanks Michael! I am currently shooting a lot of live music, working as an event photographer for The Vintage Scribbler and Summer Festival Guide. In my spare time I like to shoot vintage fashion with the network of models I have built up over the past few years. I try to keep my ideas fresh and I like to experiment. I still feel I’m at a stage where I can develop my current skills and find my own personal style.

Have you shot an artistic nude before? What was the process like for you and the model?
I had only shot one artistic nude before and although it was mine and the models first experience doing this we were both very pleased with the outcome, as I feel I managed to capture the right mood and style. Having done the previous shoot this made my experience with Jemma far more relaxed and we were able to work together professionally but also enjoy the shoot in the process.

Where and how would you like to develop your portfolio? What’s on you agenda as a shooter?
I plan to go to University in September, where I will work towards my degree. My main focus at the moment, coming up to the Summer period is to get involved with as many festivals as I can to build a good body of work for my portfolio. I also have plans to work with a few new models using the vintage fashion look for film still style shoots.

Connect with Gemma:
Web: www.gemredfordphotography.co.uk
facebook: www.facebook.com/gredfordphotography
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gemredford

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