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Betty Jean is Chicago based model Muze is happy to introduce. We were recently able to ask Betty a few questions about her background and modeling experience.

Where were you raised?
Small town right outside Peoria in central Illinois called Groveland , Surrounded by cornfeilds and cattle.

How did you get into modeling?
I worked at Hooters as a waitress and met a girl there that had done some photoshoots, I asked if I could get pictures done for myself and she put me in contact with Chris Keeling and after my shoot he asked if I would be interested in doing a paid job and the rest is history.

What are a few things that have influenced you in modeling?
Shannon Ihrke and I have been friends for a few years I actually met her at my first shoot, and she is such a positive modeling influence and friend, she has definitely made me strive to further my modeling career. Also the art in modeling definitely is a huge thing that got me interested. My sister is an artist (painter) and we both love music and go to lots of music festivals and concerts and this is just another way for me to express myself.

How do you get into “character” for your shoots?
Music! Depending on what im shooting my music will range anywhere for The White Stripes to John Mayer… Mood setting music, modeling is acting… but we express and send a message not in a clip but in a picture. You need something to help you pull all your emotion out in one 60th of a second… Change the song you’ll change my pictures.

What do you feel sets you apart from other models?
I think what makes me unique is my personality. I am a tomboy, played 13 years of soccer, 5 years of basketball and softball, 6 years of volleyball, and 4 years of cheer and dance. Im also definitely home grown or like my Dad says I grew up in “Gods Country”. That’s why I have such an old school name. I am very outgoing and definitely have a mouth on me. I’m not what most people consider your typical model. But I’m definitely classy.

Where would you want to shoot if you could travel anywhere?
Hmmm, Id love to do something in Greece, with all the beautiful buildings. Anywhere with good architecture.

What are some of the successes you have had with modeling?
Well I have been in a few posters in Hollywood , CA for a line called Monsterdam. Also a few books and a chicago Magazine. I’ve gotten to shoot all over the nation in some insanely beautiful places with some of the most incredible photographers and am very lucky for all of this.

What will we be seeing from you in the next few months?
Well I have a lot of things in the works right now, some really awesome projects! Also might see me on TV soon. Keep an eye out! Check out my web site and follow me on Twitter and you can come on all my crazy adventures with me!

**Big shout out to all my Follower/Fan YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for all the support and Love!! <3

Betty Jean’s Official Web Site: http://bettyjeanofficial.com

Twitter: @bettyjofficial

Betty Jean’s Photo Gallery

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