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Wlada Schuler – Muze Introduces a Beauty from Berlin and She Shares Her New York City Experience

Wlada Schüler is an incredible and uniquely beautiful model and actress from Berlin, Germany who we spotted some time ago. She’s one of those people who can, it seems, connect with the camera and inject her wonderful personality in the image almost effortlessly. She lived for a time in New York City, where she studied, shot, and learned to put her fears aside in the big, bold, bright, crazy place that is New York. She was kind enough to share her NYC experience with Muze readers.

My New York City Experience, or “The Freaks, The Danger, The Adventure and all the Beautiful, Talented People” – By Wlada Schuler

My first visit to NYC was in 2008. To be honest it was a real horror. I had one day to decide if I would want to stay in NY or go to a college somewhere else. Little did I know that the apartment I would be staying in would cause me the biggest shock. After a stressful drive from Philly to Manhattan on a Chinatown bus where two guys started fighting, I just wanted to go and take a nap. I arrived in the apartment and like I am from Nature, slept way too long and missed my whole first day!

I had decided to study in NYC as I just fell in love with the City’s energy and back then had a boyfriend studying in Philadelphia. However, I was tortured by the thoughts that NYC was dangerous at night. Everyone in Germany and Europe told me, “Girl you better be careful they have guns over there!“ So while living my first semester in Columbus Circle (one of the safest areas in Manhattan), I would lock myself upstairs in my little room everyday at 5pm for the whole first week because it was dark out! Now really that was ridiculous when I reflect on it now, but for someone that had never been to the US before, I really believed it.

I first studied at a small college and loved the people and the culture. But it was the theater production and acting classes that would keep me hooked on NYC. It then came to me that I should try studying acting at a theater institute.
I went for an audition at The Lee Strasberg Institute and was surprised when just a few days after, my parents from Germany called to tell me I got accepted! They received a letter in Germany before I could even go to my post mail in NYC. That is how pretty much everything got rolling for me.

Through acting school, I started shooting with friends who started loving my photos and encouraged me, and then soon went on to shooting with friends of friends then professional photographers. I started getting invited to some crazy NY parties that connected me with some of my dearest friends now. New York just made me bond in every way.

I lived in almost every area of Manhattan from Upper West Side to the East Village, from the smallest space where I could not even stand up straight, to huge lofts. From crazy people, to roommates I never saw. From a “Cat Woman“ to ridiculously scary producers that had a screw loose. To sum up my whole New York experience would be to much to fit in one small text. However, I must tell you about “The Chicken Man.”

Almost one year into my stay in NYC I went looking for another apartment. I started looking on craigslist and I saw this add: “Thirty something year old gay male looking for roommate, affordable price and animal friendly on the Upper West side corner of central park.”

I went, excited by the area, to look at the apartment. As I rang the bell, a nerdy looking guy opened the door. It was all fine till I entered and I saw hostel beds in the living room and his little dogs started to jump all over him. He had two dogs, one smaller then the other and one of them was looking like it`s about to poop because it was so scared of me. I walked through the living room and he told me it was completely normal to have hostel beds in the room, and that sometimes his friends sleep over but my room is in the back so I should go ahead have a look at it. As I walked to the back room I started hearing a scratching from the loft bed he had in there. I looked back at him he didn’t not react, so I thought it’s mice or whatever. The scratching became louder. I entered the room and looked under the mattress only to see a bunch of dust and dirt and a used condom. “Great” I thought to myself. “I always attract those weird people. Hostel beds, scared pooping dogs, what else…?” So then I walk out to finally talk with him as the scratching from the loft bed turned out to be a Clucking Chicken!

I literally ran out of the apartment, not wanting to see anymore! He actually still kept on emailing me to ask if I would move in 1 month after my encounter with The Chicken Man Of Upper West side!?!?“ Now I know what he meant with animal friendly…..

Now I look back at all the experiences, all the freaks, all the dangers, all the funnies, all the beautiful talented people and all the awkwardness New York had brought onto me, has made me into this person I am now and I must say for my age I have lived quite a life. Reflecting to 2008, I am a much stronger more tolerant and more confident person that I would know better to not be scared of anything anymore. I love NYC!!!

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