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There are some things in life that one cannot part with. I have several of these things. Its not that all hell will break loose or anything if I don’t have them, but it just makes my life so much easier! And life is too short to get caught up in the little stuff. That’s why I always say, laugh lots, love more, change the world. So without further ado:

1.) I cannot live without my lip balm. I have a serious addiction to Blistex. My pet peeve is having dry, cracked lips. Especially when you live in Canada. It also helps if it has an SPF in it, so you dont burn your lips and get swollen like a bee stung you or you just got sucker punched in the mouth. (Yes, one of my southern vacations was a nightmare!)

2.) My cell phone is attached at my hand. I am always on it, updating social media and connecting with you my fans! I even had it stolen recently at the Playboy Mansion which I was NOT happy about. I never found it so had to buy a brand new one (and the stolen one was only 3 days old to top it off!) Needless to say I cannot part with a phone!

3.) I Love CANDY! I have never been a huge chocolate person but if you put sour keys or fuzzy peaches in front of me, guaranteed I will eat them. They’re just so sour and sweet.. what a perfect combination for a dessert, snack, breakfast…you get the idea!

4.) Red or White… That is the question. Well to me I prefer red wines…Malbec, Chianti etc but a good german Riesling will always do the trick! I quite frequently enjoy a glass or two with dinners. It just completes a meal if you ask me. It doesnt matter where its from Italy, Australia, California…

5.) My family. There are few people in my life that can make me laugh as hard as they do. I am extremely close with my parents and my brother and sis. We spend as much time as we can, cook and eat great meals and play boardgames or just sit around and talk!

6.) Baths. I love to have a nice big tub and relax and have a bath. I find it so relaxing and just melts away any pain or stress you may have going on in the world. Lavender epson salts do wonders!

7.) Jàdore my Yoga. I only started practicing 2 years ago and I have to say I`m addicted. Ive never felt a practice so good that made my mind and body feel great. I also became a JOGA (yoga for jocks) Instructor recently and I have to say its the best thing you can do for you body. So if you havent tried yet, get out there and try a class. You might surprise yourself! Namaste

8.) THe beach! I always love going away to tropical destinations…the sun, pools and of course THE BEACH! It relaxes me so much to be close to water. And the feel of the sun on my warm skin… nothing compares to that!

9.) Fresh flowers. I love to buy fresh flowers for my home almost every week for myself. I think they not only give off a beautiful aroma but also create beauty within your home. Everyone woman loves flowers. And they dont have to be the typical roses. I prefer hydrangeas and orchids or even tulips. So go buy your lady some… especially if shes your mama.

10.) Last but definitely not least is my beautiful and adorable puppy LADYBUG! She is a boston terrier and pug mix. Aka a BUG. She is so full of life and as Im sure you`ve all seen in my twitter pics, there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about her. She is as cute and fun as they get. And i dont know what I would do if I didnt have her in my life. Dogs teach you great patience and the power of endless love.

Much Love!! xoxox

Rachelle Wilde

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