Interview by Michael Dykstra

Natalie, awesome that we could feature you in Muze. You are a globe trotting phenom and want to ask you about traveling and performing with the likes of Deadmau5, Kid Rock and others but first. How did you get the awesome title “Miss Detroit?”

When I started performing for bigger acts and festivals in Detroit I wanted to have a stage name. Something memorable. I came up with Miss Detroit on a whim and it stuck. I got really lucky with it.

So, it sounds like you have been pretty much living on the road and performing with some pretty awesome bands and artists. How did you get started with all that?
I’ve been dancing for longer then I wanna admit. Networking and making a name for myself was a full time job that later paid off. Tom Pattyn was the first club owner to book me for the big dance acts that came into town. He brought in Deadmau5 back in 08 and I met Paul and Mau5 from there they took me on the road. Got to dance in some amazing places worldwide. I guess you can say I ran away with the circus. Hahah. I’ve also gotten to perform with Pitbull, FloRida and Kid Rock which have opened other doors.

And you were a dancer for Deadmau5 for several years? That sounds like a heady adventure. What was that like? Care to share any stories from the road?
I’ve toured with mau5 since late 08. I danced for him as long as I could. Most of the shows I danced for were “unhooked” shows (No production). Now that he has a stage far more exciting then me. Haha. I moved on to managing his merchandise on the road (worldwide). So what once was “Oh no I have a hole in my fishnets” turned into “I have 100 spreadsheets to fill out and a semi full of merch.” I love it though. If I remember correctly the last show I danced for mau5 was last year in Ibiza. Such great memories.

As for stories…. I never tour and tell. ;)

I’d imagine when you travel that much your road crew becomes like a second family?
Hahaha yes! One giant dysfunctional family.

What are you up to now? Still traveling, dancing and performing?
I’m performing quite a bit. My next big dancing gig is in Asia for New Years. Really excited about it! I’ve also been keeping busy with the NBA as a brand ambassador for the Detroit Pistons. So I’ve been staying quite busy.

Do you still consider Detroit your home? There’s a city that’s gone through some hard times.
Most of my friends and family live in Michigan. And I’ve lived here most of my life. When traveling on the road most of the year its nice to come home to the familiar.

What’s on the agenda for Natalie “Miss Detroit” now?
Well I’m currently in Miami on the beach. I had to get away from the cold weather for a bit. :P I have a handful of shows coming up to finish up the year. After my show in Asia for New Years which is quickly approaching I’ll be back on the road merching it up for a handful of amazing artists.

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