Photographed by Simone Angarano

My name is Roxana Nesfintu, I’m 23 years old, living in Milan, Italy but I’m of Romanian nationality. I moved to Italy with my family when I was 14 years old and at 20 I started working as a model.

I love modeling so much because it allows me the opportunity to meet so many creative people, work with different professional artists of the industry, travel and learn a lot from the world of the arts. What fascinates me most about this job is the metamorphosis of a model makes through the use of make-up, hair, clothes, into a new person – a new character. In addition to modeling work ,I also work in the area of fashion design: I design and create dresses, and I hope that in the future I will have my own small line.

When I was younger I considered myself a shy person and in time this job gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in myself and understand who I really am and who I could be.

I love good music and I like the simplicity worn with style and elegance. I’m always ready to take life as it comes, turn the corner and find something important that tickles my fancy. I love travelling , to take the train and enjoy every moment of the trip!

The editorial was produced in collaboration with the Italian photographer Simone Angarano in his studio. I loved the location, it was a very impressive with vintage furnishings.

Roxana’s image gallery

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