Interview by Michael Dykstra
Photographed by Joel Flora

Amelia, want to talk to you about your passion for gaming but first tell us a little about your journey to becoming a Playboy Playmate, and what it’s been like since you were published.
My journey to becoming a Playmate started when I was 18 yrs. old, legally eligible to pose for Playboy. I had sent pictures in time after time until I was discovered on a networking site by a Playboy photographer who actually shot me for Coed of the week and many Special Editions pictorials back in Spring 2011. It wasn’t until I met a photographer at Glamourcon 54 who knew the Playmate Editor, Stephanie Morris, that I finally get my foot in the door. He landed me an in person meeting and she loved me. I tested in January 2012 and am now Miss June 2012! It was a wild ride and I never gave up. Being Playmate is the epitome of being a sexy woman and in geek terms I feel like I’ve evolved and gaining experience every day.

So it sounds like one of your passions is gaming. RPG’s (Role PlayingGames) in particular. Diablo, World of Warcraft, etc. Did you get started at a young age playing these games?
My mother is a true hipster, she was a female gamer before it was cool, and she got me hooked on video games the moment I realized what this awesome technology was. I would watch her play Zelda on Super Nintendo and I would try to play too. I then upgraded to Donkey Kong, Mario 64 and other various games. As soon as I got my little grubby hands on Pokemon though, it was all over, my entire summer was comprised of my eyes glued to my purple Gameboy screen. I still love Pokemon, so much that even when I was so embarrassed to love it still at 15 yrs old I’d beg my parents to buy it for me. I now am sporting a marvelous Pokeball on the nape of my neck in honor.

What’s your preferred platform?
Platforms are up in the air, it really depends on the games to be honest, though I am partial to Nintendo and Playstation. Pc, however, will always be loved, I mean, I did after all build my own custom one, it’s my baby, no touchy.

What are you playing online these days? What are you hooked on these days?
Right now I’m into all kinds of genres but mostly RPG’s. I dig Borderlands, Diablo, WoW, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, CoD. Hell, I’ll even play Harvest Moon if I’m desperate for some gameplay. I’ve even went ahead and played Slender, I’ve got a video of the intensity of it, it’s hilarious, you should check it out here:

Are you playing these games online? What’s it like competing against what I’d assume is mostly guys? Have you ever told anyone online you are a Playboy Playmate after kicking their ass online?
I love to play online, it’s one of the best features to have ever happened to games in general. It’s an awesome way to make friends and not have to deal with social standards, which is a blessing for dorks like me. I lay low on my identity as Playmate, I’d more than likely get trolls who don’t believe me or even worse, stalkers. I’ve revealed to some dudes and it’s cool because they want to give me a lot of cool loot, help me out on dungeons and missions, etc. but they can be quite attached to an imaginary deep friendship when we’re only just acquaintances. And that can happen in any online social gathering, but when I am gaming it gets a lot more annoying when I just want to kick back and blow out some zombie brains. So you might be playing with Miss June and not even know it, MUAHAHA.

You were telling me you are also drawn to the arts and loved drawing in High School. We included a sketch of yours in the slide show above so people can see one of your warrior princess drawings. It rocks by the way! What do you do to keep your hand in something creative?
Yes, I actually got ‘most artistic’ in my class, which is funny because my High School art teacher gave me F’s my Junior year, HA. I loved to be able to express myself, and to also get away to a nerdy world of hot big boobed sci-fi babes or the most wicked creature you’ve ever seen. Despite everyone telling me I should model, I really wanted to be a game designer. I checked out the Art Institute in Seattle and everything. I still paint and draw, but mostly my creativity is expressed through my modeling pictures. I’ve gotten deeper into makeup and am actually a mighty fine photo re-toucher if I do say so myself.

(Check out the troll drawing by Amelia in the slide show above)

So what’s coming up career-wise in the near term? Any projects or endeavors you’d like to tell us about?
I’m really excited to start acting. I landed a ‘featured extra’ role on CSI Las Vegas with Jaclyn Swedberg PMOY 2012, it’s episode 13 and it airs sometime in early February, don’t miss it!

Before letting you go, give us one great gamer tip! Any game, anything!
For any game, always be adaptable. The key to making a game work in any setting or difficulty is to change your tactics. Never get attached to equipment, allies or skills, or you’re gonna have a bad time.

We play Slender: Amelia Talon | Joel Flora | Amanda Brian

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