Photographed by Erik Tranberg
Make-up Artist – Ashlynne Padilla
Hair – Desirre Lee

Serenity, you and Erik and the team created something magical in this project! So happy we could share it with Muze readers! Where did you guys shoot this?
Erik is such a wonderful artist. He is so passionate with his work, it is always an absolute joy to create w/ him. We shot this editorial in a little beautiful Albuquerque home. The style and decor in the house was perfect. It was decorated with tons of local art. It really brought together the “at her place” feeling. So much thanks for letting us put our set into this home! So many people are involved in creating one beautiful shot. I have been blessed with having the chance to work with very talented passionate people. I plan for this to just keep growing, and sharing what I love with the world.

So, you’ve been able to travel, you’ve been published, you’ve been able to build a beautiful portfolio in a pretty short period of time. What inspires you, what keeps you shooting?
Many things inspire me. Other artists, my family, beautiful things outside, the colors I see on animals, human feelings.. But most of all I stay inspired because I love to create. I am constantly 24/7 thinking about creations of some sort. Weather it be a picture idea, wardrobe, color ideas, etc. It is what my heart and brain love, that’s what keeps me shooting/creating. It’s sort of like the food for my heart. Gotta eat :)

When did you start modeling, and how did you get started?
The 1st photo shoot I ever did was when I was 18 for a local radio station. It was very basic, and stereotypical. At that time in my life I was very into fashion/jewelery/make up design. A few months after that I really started thinking about the real reason to model in my opinion. That was to create a image that created a feeling inside the viewer, Sad, happy, mad, offended, bliss, etc. Giving a feeling is always my goal as a artist. It quickly became my passion in life.

Where did you grow up and where is your home base now? Have you been tempted to make a move to one of the hubs of the entertainment industry? New York or Los Angeles?
I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and that is still home. I travel every month for work, so yes I have thought about moving. My thought is very solid, if I get an opportunity to be a part of something wonderful, and they need me to relocate, I most definitely will.

Where is Serenity in ten years? Where do you see yourself going? I’m wondering if you feel a need to stay connected to modeling or the arts or entertainment in some way.
In ten years I see myself very happy with all my modeling accomplishments, I will have a family, and be helping my children chase their dreams. I hope to open a very unique salon also.. can’t give away too much :) I do indeed always see myself being in the entertainment field. I will always be creating on many levels. Modeling, fashion, make up design, writing, set design, filming, etc. Also staying connected with the community, and charity events, Those things are so important to me.

Thank you so much Muze Magazine!! I’ll see you again soon!

Serenity’s image gallery

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