Nacho, thank you for sharing your work with us and taking the time to share your experiences as a photographer. How long have you shooting this sexy, very beautiful style with models?
Hi Muze!! Thank you very much for your interest in my work, this one is easy, I started only 4 years ago to working with reflex photographic camera, only 3 years professionally.

Where does your inspiration come from for you work? Is it based largely on the beauty of the models?
For sure,this is a such important thing for me, I don´t make a lot of shootings, It is necessary to combine work and pleasure, because this is my full time work. Also the chemistry with the model is very important to obtain the suitable result.

Have you been able to travel much for shoots?
Not yet, I did my first work away from Spain the past week in London, it was a lot of work in one weekend, but the results are amazing. I can travel all over the world, because this is not a problem, I really love my work and I would do anything (in the right way obviously) to continue to make my work progress.

Your portfolio has some interesting variability to it. Some feels very glamour, with a little edge to it and some is very soft and still sexy. Does the style and the mood change based on your mood, or does the model effect how things turn out?
Always I have said of my work that I want a constant elegance if possible. Also you are correct, my state of mind does effect the type of work that I do. Nevertheless I believe that the boudoir photography, or nude or glamour has to be elegant, it is something that is very important in my work for sure.

Where do you see your career and your photography taking you next?
I really don’t know, I want it to develop as I go. I am conscious that I have really not accomplished much yet. But I want to continue to push what I can do and challenge myself. I know for sure that I am not going to stop learning and improving my skills. If I am honest, if I want to continue to grow it will probably be necessary to go out of Spain, due to the current economic current situation. I wish not but I need to continue to make progress.

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