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Katy, really happy we could feature you in Muze! Your career is taking off with your appearance on the reality show “The Shores” here in the US which had it’s finale a couple weeks ago. But I’m curious how you got started modeling and acting. Fill us in a little about how things got started for you.
Growing up I really never wanted to be a model, I didn’t even think about it. I grew up as a serious Tomboy. My uncle raced cars professionally and my Grandpa is a mechanic so I spent a lot of time in the garage. My first passion was cars and to be a mechanic. I loved getting dirty, then later in High School I decided I wanted to be a police officer so I went to college with a Criminal Justice Major. When I got my SR photos taken the photographer asked me if I ever thought of modeling, I laughed it off. A year later at 18 I went to LA and met Keith Lander (Photographer) at a convention I was at with a friend and that’s where it all began. He shot me for the Cover of Maxim in the Czech Republic, I got an agency while out in LA and went back to Iowa, packed my bags and headed to LA to pursue modeling and acting came a bit later as kind of a mistake as well. Again, I never had ambitions of being an actress but luckily opportunities arose and I took them and I’m very glad I have!

You’ve also been lucky enough to be living in France for some time. What brought you overseas?
Yes, I live in France currently with my boyfriend Max Evans who is a professional rugby player. He plays for a French team and then he plays Nationally for Scotland so that’s why I travel to Scotland quite often, plus I also do various jobs while in the UK like photoshoots and presenting. I have to say I’m pretty new at the whole presenting thing but I absolutely love it!

So let’s talk a little about “The Shores.” How did you get cast for the show? Is that something you pursued?
My best friend at the time had been cast and told me about it. I was very happy for her but a “Reality show” wasn’t really my forte. I again, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. They had their cast party at the club I was working at and I met the producers. They were great and really liked my attitude and personality, they invited me for a meeting the next day to just have maybe a cameo so I could promote my suicide awareness group. Later it ended up that they wanted me as a full time character as explained that it was an “unscripted drama” not a “reality” show and yes I guess there is a difference. I am very happy I went. It was such an experience I’m truly thankful for!

Sounds like quite a journey in more ways than one to re-locate to South Africa and live and shoot for weeks on end with a bunch of new people. What was that whole experience like?
It was exciting, there was always stuff going on for us and we were always meeting people however, It got really difficult as well. We shot long long hours each day and we didnt have much time to make friends. I really missed my family and boyfriend and I was the meany in the show so I was kind of excluded and left out a lot for production purposes so it got difficult. I was busy but also lonely. Thank Heavens for skype as my boyfriend literally skyped me every single day while I was there! He also came and saw me twice in the 3 months I was there so I lucked out with having such a great boyfriend!

How do you feel about how you have been portrayed in the show? As everyone knows reality show directors look to tell a story and create characters. How did you feel about what was essentially your character in the show?
I mean I don’t mind some things as I’m a very straight up, honest person. I feel I was very real in the show as far as who I was in ways that I wasn’t fake and I certainly didn’t suck up for my position or to get ahead like some people. I think towards the end people will have a serious misconception of me as story lines were really pushed and manipulated and editing doesn’t help so I look kinda crazy, haha, and I’m not crazy at all! End of day It’s a show and you need that drama and shock factor and I was happy to stir it, it was fun. As far as who you see on the show though, that’s just one side of me. My friends will tell you I can be a very down to earth, silly, very caring person. I would do anything for my friends and the people I love.

Did you come away from the show with any new great friends or, shall we say, not such great friends?
I met some really lovely girls! The South African girls were absolutely lovely! What a great bunch of women. Raquelle was one of my closest friends on the show following Jamillette who is an American girl I went with. I still speak to those two regularly. There are also girls that I didn’t get on with so well, I think it was just a personality clash. End of day not everyone can be friends. All in all it was a positive experience and one I’m thankful for!

Where to now? Are you relocating or returning to Europe? What new
adventures await?

Like I said, I’m currently in France. I’ve been relaxing until my next move. I have a lot of things brewing plus possibly a season 2. Right now, I just call this time “The calm before the Storm” A good storm of course! I will be back in action and possibly coming back to LA for a few months at a time to really get on the work again! I miss acting as it’s such a great job, you get to be different people all the time, It’s amazing!

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